Tourist Visa for Singapore: Where to apply, Costs and Duration

Tourist visa for Singapore: where to apply, costs and duration

The Singapore tourist visa is not intended for stays of less than ninety days. Visa exemption is provided for both entry by air and by land from Malaysia. The tourist who goes to Singapore to spend the holiday only needs a passport with a residual validity of at least six months from the date of arrival in the country. To stay in Singapore or Malasya beyond the 90 days provided for by the visa waiver, you must request permission from the competent authorities. The procedure for those traveling to Singapore for work is very different and more difficult.

This visa can be of different types. The most popular is the Singapore Employment Pass, which is issued to qualified executives and managers. Much of the bureaucracy has to be done by the employer; in fact, together with the  visa application, they must produce the passport, a color and recent passport photo, the curriculum and the certificate of the qualification, a reference letter from country and one from the company operating in the Malaysian territory. If everything complies with current legislation, a permit is issued which entitles you to a thirty-day visa which will be used by the worker to enter the country.

A tourist visa for Singapore is not required, but a student visa is. In fact, to go to study in Singapore, you must obtain the Student Pass, which can be requested online from Country but which can be collected once you arrive in the country. Let's assume that you must be enrolled in one of the universities on the list of the Institute of Higher Learning to obtain the study permit. For any problems that arise once you arrive in Singapore, you can ask for information and advice from the  Embassy in Thomson Road 27.

The bay of Singapore is one of the most sought after destinations for winter holidays by tourists, especially those who prefer the months of January and February to go on holiday in these areas. In fact it is the best time because the season is still dry. During the monsoon season this whole area of ​​the Indian Ocean is to be avoided due to possible typhoons and sudden downpours. During a vacation in Singapore we suggest you visit the National Orchid Garden where you can admire thousands of different species of orchids, some very special and colorful.

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