Why SEO Is Important ?

SEO Factor

Search Engine Optimization- To ensure the long-term viability and the results of the website, Search Engine Optimization assessments will be performed on a daily basis. If the platform may not retain the visitors, the platform does not work. But before you request a refund from your designer, you must find out what it doesn't do. A Search Engine Optimization analysis shows you how good the search engine optimizes the website. It should address all potential issues and provide you with the full outcomes. Search Engine Optimization audits are focused on providing a clear understanding of just how the platform operates. Many businesses sell Search Engine Optimizations to their clients, without once conducting an Audit. In order for your Search Engine Optimization initiative to achieve long-term results, For the long-term success of your company (through online) or web, conducting a Search Engine Optimization Audit is very important to see just how to make sure your Search Engine Optimization project is effective in both the short and long term.

Why you can perform SEO audits

Search engines Algorithm - Search engines change their algorithms periodically to offer enhanced search results

Site Error- It is necessary to ensure that no broken links or error messages exist on your website. Running an audit will uncover the errors so that you can redirect them and recover lost traffic.

Meta tags and descriptions-Title tags and meta descriptions are the first things the future customers can know when search results show. It is essential that they be relevant to the website's content.

SEO Audit- SEO Audit is a complicated process, but it still plays an important role in achieving your website. It starts with a varied review, followed by a thorough assessment, and final prioritization of the process of SEO audit. Spending a lot of money on your SEO doesn't even guarantee success; there are a few things you need to look at (technical and non-technical).

Below is the SEO-Audit to-do-list

A Site URL- A Site URL is extremely relevant for both user engines and search engines. Poor URL will halt searching by crawlers, resulting in the poor ranking. A bad structure of the URL will affect rankings, prevent indexing of pages on search engines.

Content-The  best way to customize your website is to put exclusive and original Content.

Internal linking- The internal link is a link on the same website from one page to another. For both your website visitors and search engines, internal links are significant.

Image and ALT texts- An ALT tag must be added to each image. Alt tag is an HTML code that defines a picture on a web page

The duplicate content- The problem facing all search engines today is 'Duplicate content,' although they do have their own bots to scan content, but finding duplicate content is still not useful for search engines.

Broken links- Broken links may cause a website to experience a serious SEO problem. If crawlers start looking and find some broken link then crawlers leave the site immediately.

Page load speed- The optimal loading time for every site is three to four seconds site usability and conversion rates are affected by the Page load speed.

During our technical SEO Audits, we cover the following outlines

  • Page load time

  • Search engines indexing issues

  • 301 redirects

  • XML Site map

  • Server response code

  • Indexation

  • Duplicate contents

  • Robots meta tag

  • URL Structure

  • Internal linking

  • Site speed

  • Indexing and crawl problems

  • W3C Validation

  • Images

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