7 Steps To Build And Register A Brand For A Company

Starting a business is no small achievement as one needs to consider a lot of factors before getting started from the ground. Every new business faces a similar issue in the initial stages and that is with its branding and recognition. It is thus important to answer the question of what is branding and how business will benefit with its registration as a trademark. 

Every business has to make itself unique to be able to stand on its own and thus having a proper brand and proper trademark registration process for the company to build reputation. It will help build trust among the buyers and a reputation will be built around the products sold under the particular brand.

What is a Brand?

The brand is usually associated with the logo or the name of a company by the majority of the people in the market. Though these elements are important for the recognition of the brand, the main idea goes beyond that. The main idea is to build a better reputation and a good relation with the customers. It helps the customers understand what the company stands for and how it is unique.

What are the Brand building and registration processes for Business?


trademark registration process

Creating a brand is as important as creating a company as it requires the same level of creativity and effort. It has to be such that it helps identify the company and the products along with building a connection with the customers. Thus it is important to know how to register a brand and some of the main steps for Brand building are: 

  • Define Business Goals and Values: The very first step of building a business brand is to make sure that the business goals and values are clear to the customers. It is based on the goals that a brand will be formed. If the goal is to have family values then the brand will be formulated accordingly. 
  • Understand Target Audience: The individual also has to understand the way that the brand will work. To do so they must be able to understand the way the audience will react to the brand. 
  • Analyze the Competition: One has to look at the market structure and plan accordingly for building a successful brand and work on promoting it. There will be various other sellers providing similar products and so it is important to understand the market position and draw a strategy accordingly.
  • Position and brand image: One has to stand apart from the other sellers in order to be viewed by the audience. In order to do so, one has to focus on various elements such as the price, quality of products. All these revolve around how a company promotes its products and the way it impacts the brand value. Only when a customer recognizes that a brand will get established. 
  • Effective Branding: One needs to have an effective story in regards to the products and this story should be able to connect to the audience to draw them towards the brand. 
  • Visual Elements: These are some of the most important elements as it is the visual image that draws the customer’s attention first. Only after that, it is that the customer reads the brand and gets to know it. Thus having an effective visual representation helps bring more customers. 
  • Registration: The next step is to get a brand registered at the concerned office in order to prevent it from getting used by others for their own benefit. The Trademark Registration is focused on the following elements: 
    • Conduct thorough research for the trademark to make sure the idea is unique and is not in use by anyone else.
    • Application filing can be then done along with the required documents and the necessary fees. 
    • Trademark review by officials will then be conducted to make sure the application can be processed and a trademark can be issued for the same.
    • On approval from the authorities, it is posted in the trademark registry for Trademark review by people for any further objections. 
    • If there is no objection for 4 months from the date of publication, the trademark is considered valid and is given approval from Authorities.


The brand of a company is like the face of the body, it is based on the value and representation of the brand that customers approach any product. Without the brand, the product has no identity and cannot be trusted by the people. Thus it is important to have a good trademark registration of the brand in order to have better business and growth. 

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