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work from home easy

Work or life, everything has been reshaped by the COVID 19. The majority of people are working from home, and it is pretty hard for those who can work best in a professional environment, or their work requires a team effort. Luckily, some apps make work from home easy and convenient.

Working from home might bring many challenges, and it is hard for most, but these great apps mentioned below can make your life easier. You can get a feel of office etiquette and atmosphere, which was difficult to get before.  

Technology has been a big help in working from home, and it is not wrong to say that hundreds of companies would have shut down without it. These applications let you host virtual meetings and keep track of time for best performance. Skype, zoom, Toggl have been there since and with the increasing demand for online apps, many applications have become popular.

Here is the list of applications that are making work from home easy and offering the best features to help in your professional life.


Do you love to take notes, so there are no chances you miss anything? If yes, then install Evernote today. It is an excellent application for students and professionals to do their tasks efficiently. The application helps to capture and organize important information.

You can easily clip articles from the website and add PDFs. Arrange and keep clips from a website and add PDFs, office docs, photos, links and even handwritten notes to keep everything in one place. You can use Evernote to create and share information fast for work from home, so the team stays in sync. Evernote Business integrates with different apps like Outlook, Google Drive and Slack, etc.


Zoom is among the top apps which are used for meetings. With the Covid scenario and work from home, zoom got popular for virtual meetings. It is a perfect alternative to Skype as it is not available in many countries. Here are a few of the attractive features of Zoom:

  • Zoom can host a meeting for around 1000 members if you are using the paid version. On a free version, you can call 100 people at one time for around 40-minutes.
  • You can share screens easily
  • Record and broadcast features for meetings.
  • Excellent calling services with features of HD
  • Features to generate transcripts for calls in the paid version of zoom
  • Quickly share the files and necessary documents
  • Secure and encrypted virtual hosting platform.
  • Options for polling and hand-raising.


Working as a real estate agent from home is not an easy task. Keeping documents organized in one place is among the trickier tasks as agents. Ensuring each client's legal papers are organized in one place is important for a real estate agent.

It is necessary for transfer, and legalities at the sale, purchase and rent are crucial for future references. Dotloop helps to keep everything arranged and in one safe place. Here is how it can help realtors to do their job at best:

  • Dotloop offers the property agents a facility to arrange and save the documents in one place. You can also get the papers signed by the clients online through Dotloop.
  • Dotloop helps to manage the transactions easily by keeping them in order. It helps the agents to create a smooth record of all the transactions, including money and legal papers.
  • The attractive app also features facilities of form creation that let you keep track of your interaction with the clients and save from many future issues regarding terms of contract and legalities.

Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Teams is among the popular applications used worldwide. It has gained popularity more and more after the increasing number of work from home. The application is helpful in many ways like:

  • Sharing documents, chats and video calls with colleagues and has never been accessible before the Team.
  • Microsoft Teams also allow access to Outlook 365 for better and smooth performance in work.
  • Microsoft Teams is also a one-stop collaboration stop when you are using it with Outlook 365. However, you need to get access to the paid version of Microsoft Teams to use it along with Outlook 365.


Working from home as a real estate agent is not a one-app job. There are a few specific software and applications which are helpful in your property business to work smoothly. Zoom and Dotloop are helpful in almost all businesses, and real estate is among them, but they do not meet all the needs of the business.

LionDesk is a CRM system that is dedicated and specifically designed to meet the needs of real estate agents. The feature of the application includes things like:

  • Task Reminders so you do not miss any lead or deadlines in your busy routine.
  • The software can manage the lead pipeline transactions.
  • LionDesk intent is to nurture the leads and generate various business opportunities.
  • LionDesk has full potency to send bulk cold messages and automated drip email campaigns.
  • The software helps to make phone calls with the system, and it can record notes during the calls. It is helpful to keep you in touch with the market while you are working from home.
  • LionDesk can be called on all-in-one software that meets the need of real estate agents and many businesses.


Doodle is one of the attractive applications which work both on Apple and Android devices easily. The app works best for people working in the marketing and finance industry, and working from home has become their necessity. The app lets the user create polls and let other team members participate in these polls.

Doodle allows the users to put their feedback on specific projects and topics. The magnificent app helps in building an attractive presentation and effective strategy. Moreover, the user can easily schedule and work on different projects with the team.


Toggl is specially designed to track time while you are working. The application is helpful to increase efficiency, boost profiting, productive reports, etc. The application is helpful to all, particularly those billed by hours like freelancers, so they can track time, share it with the client, and be billed correctly.

So that’s all for now about the helpful apps that support work from home! Share your feedback and queries in the comment section.

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