Best Ways And Tips To Apply Nail Polish Like A Pro

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Nail painting trends date backs to ancient times. People have been painting their nails in colors for a long. Now the method to paint the nails is through the use of nail polish. The nail polish industry has grown quite large. Now you can find numerous nail decorating and painting stuff. Also, nail polishes have been advanced in numerous ways. You can get a variety of finishes. Moreover, the nail polishes are very long-lasting.

Sellers make nail polishes with specialized characteristics to cater to the needs of various people. All these varieties are packages and supplied at retail stores. Most of the nail products have personalized packaging. These custom nail polish boxes help people identify the product that will fit their requirements. Thus, everyone can find a suitable product with a variety of options.

Steps of wearing perfect nail polish:

Everyone owns numerous nail products but wearing perfect nail paint requires expertise. A perfect nail paint boosts your mood and feels good. But the question is, how should one get a flawless look. Many people seek help from nail saloons to get these services. However, you can also master the technique of wearing spot-on nail polish with practice. If you are exhausted from going to saloons for neat nails then, follow the following steps to get perfect nail paint:

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Prepping the nails:

Prepping the nail is as significant as prepping the face. This step is crucial for the long and perfect wearing of nail polish. In this step, you remove any previous polish with a remover. It is better to remove through so that there is no trace of the previous pigmentation. However, nail removal needs to be gentle to prevent nail damage.

Then get rid of excess cuticle around the nail. For this, use cuticle trimmers gently. It is better to remove the cuticle from hydrated nails, such as after a shower or soaking.

Setting the nail size and shape:

Set your nails according to your desired preference. Every person has a different nail shape liking, so this step entirely depends on each individual. In this step, cut and file the nails accordingly. For this, the nails must be completely dry to prevent chipping and breaking. The nails are ready for painting, but you can further cleanse with a remover or cleanser.

Base coating:

It is a misconception that a thick coat will make your polish last longer and look attractive. So the best strategy is to use put light base coat. A light base coat will dry readily and stick better to nails. Although the base coat can be of the same nail polish, but it can be of other colors as well. For instance, many people use white or light pink. These colors will prevent discoloration of the polish and adhere to the nails better. Also, it prevents your nail from getting stained from the pigmented nail paints.

Coatings of polish:

The final nail painting comes after you are done with a base coat. This step involves two crucial factors, the technique and the number of coating. Usually, three coatings are made to get the perfect look. For this, start from the side. First, take a generous amount of polish, then put a dot on the nail and spread it. Apply it left and right in the first two coatings. Then, finally, in the middle, to get perfect nail paint.

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Additional Coating:

The additional coating is not a necessary step but can be important sometimes. Also, it depends on the nail polish as well. If you are wearing light nail polish, this step is a must, it can be skipped otherwise. Moreover, if you want a darker color, make many coatings to get the desired color. However, every coating must be thin. A thick coating will get smudged on the nail. Also, it will be difficult to dry and will create a mess. Always apply the additional coat when the last one has dried completely.

Finishing Topping:

Finishing is essential to make nail polish shiny and lasting. For this, use clear nail paints to add shine and keep polish in its place. These are essential for nail polish that slides or chips off. When it comes to top coat, only one coat is enough. This coat must spread on the whole nail evenly.

Clean the edges:

This step is of great significance as it will give your hand a neat look. For this, soak clean q tips in nail polish remover and gently wipe them around all the nail edges. Repeat this method for all the nails. However, it must be done very carefully. It must not swipe over the nail carelessly.


In conclusion, the key behind perfect nail paint is method and skill. Nowadays, there are several options in the market to fit your need. So purchase nail polish boxes and get perfect nail paint through the mentioned method.

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