Chakra NFTs - An Exclusive NFT Drop That Can Make A Huge Difference

An Exclusive NFT Drop

Every day the revolution in the crypto space is making new impacts, more importantly, the NFT with the market potential clearly showed their dominance in the crypto era. The growth they showed in the crypto space moreover the lifetime achievement of many trend technologies in the digital space. The NFT marketplaces have a clear knock on the greater reach of the NFT among the common people, arts, comics, entertainment are majorly minted NFTs here. With the day to revolution, Beyondlife has brought in the huge tide in the name of Chakra - The invincible, this invincible tide is all set to wipe away all the affluence and records the NFT world has ever seen. To dig more about the impact the Chakras NFT can make, we need to dig in about the plot and capacity of the Chakra.

Chakra - The Invincible _ story before the version of epicness

Raju rai a typical Indian schoolboy, who also works as an intern in Dr.Singh’s lab has a vision of being a very bigger scientist.. On the other hand, he was also inspired by his brother’s helping tendency and the way he treat people. On the day a terrible thing happens and fortunately, Raju rai body bonds with the CHAKRA suit exclusively developed by the Dr.Singh. The Chakra suits bonds with its possessor only when the right combinations are executed out of seven million combinations. The Chakra suit has, more importantly, has seven chakra powers they are

Crown Chakra -This enables Raju to move on multidimensional time travel capability allows him to travel in the present, past, and future. Compassion is the focus of the Heart Chakra. The heart chakra will keep the suit wearer grounded and balanced by preventing them from acting on revenge or other negative emotions. The vision chakra has the ability to govern thoughts and assists in the acquisition of useful information. Raju's speech chakra, which is fueled by knowledge, allows him to work on trust. Solar Chakra - The most powerful and defensive chakra, capable of dealing great harm to adversaries in reality. This Raksha Chakra offers the suit wearer the fortitude to battle against and keeps him or her from getting caught up in profound thoughts. Root Chakra - The most basic of all Chakra powers, which grants the ability to choose whether or not to fight.

What NFT does with Chakra? What actually NFT is?

NFT are well known for maintaining uniqueness and tamper-proof security, here the NFTs have shown a quadruple in the market in just one single year of NFT. Here bringing the NFT and Chakra together the beyondlife platform pitch ins the exclusive NFT opening. The Chakra NFT has more potential in the future, where its multiverse appearance and cameo of stan lee will make the platform more and more unique in the crypto space. This will be one such NFT asset that can attain the attention of both the regional audience and the universal audience.

Beyond life’s Chakra NFT

The Chakra NFT which is about to launch more exclusive varieties they are,

Chakra Artpunks Loot box

The team has developed 6865 unique NFT collections for the Chakra NFT in the crypto space. The loot is all set to open and the price for buying the loot is 25$. The superhero creator and Indian superheroes are merged into one to bring in an exclusive artpunks loot box.

Chakra artpunks

The Chakra artpunks collection only has 15 editions and the minimum bid price set for the auction is $200.

Animated Living Comic Book Cover

The Animated living comic book is a fine exclusive NFT of the Chakra drop with only two editions where the minimum bid starts at 500$.

Comic Book Covers

The Iconic Comic book covers the generative NFTs with 1250 editions starting with the buying price of 25 $.

Seven chakra power NFT

The Seven Chakra power NFT with exclusive 7 editions start with the auction of minimum bidding of 1000$. The auction winners will also receive hand-signed lithography by stan lee

Animated NFT videos

The animated NFT video is also a generative NFT collection of chakra with 1250 editions and buying price of $50.

Most importantly the Stan Lee B’day special NFT is exclusive among all the NFTs to be dropped. The Stan Lee NFT with the minimum auction of $100,000. There are more exclusive perks are given to the winners of the auctions.

The 27th and the following days are going to make history in the NFT sales, the fame of stan lee and chakra verse will really make a huge impact in the crypto space.

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