How Can I Get Online Home Tuition In Kolkata?

Get Online Home Tuition In Kolkata

Kolkata which is also known as the ‘City of Joy, is being referred to as an educational city and has produced many scholars in the past who made the entire nation feel proud. Owing to this, the city has the best educational institutions in the country offering quality education to the learners of tomorrow. Even the demand for online tuition in Kolkata is also increasing manifolds. Due to more students studying in schools or at tuition centers, the student-to-student ratio is on the higher side, which sometimes makes it difficult for them to understand the concepts. As a result, more students opt for home tuition in Kolkata to pace up their learning abilities.

Though the city already has many education institutes claiming to offer home tuition in Kolkata but not all meet up the requirement. If your requirement is to get the best, affordable, result-oriented, one-to-one class, then Ziyyara is the best platform for you. Ziyyara completely understands the requirements of students thus making online education accessible in the form of audio-video classes. Our team of expert tutors in Kolkata provides LIVE face-to-face online tuition for the school-going students of class 5th-12th

Before we talk about Ziyyara, let’s know some of the benefits of taking online tuition

One-to-one interaction- One of the advantages of online tuition in Kolkata is one-to-one interaction with teachers. Though if you are taking online classes for the first time, you might find it different from offline classes but sooner will realize that they are much better than offline classes. Therefore, being a little doubtful initially is normal, but you don’t have to worry as Ziyyara’s home tutor in Kolkata is there to offer every possible help. Taking online tuition against offline study sessions surely has its own advantages, and the more you take, the better learning opportunities you can enjoy.

More time for other things- Taking online tuition in Kolkata gives you more flexibility and lets you spend more time on other activities as well. Since these classes are taken from your home, you can save a lot of commuting time, which now can be used to work upon your hobbies. If you don’t have a particular time frame to follow, taking online classes is the best option for you.

Flexible environment- In addition to creating a flexible learning schedule, you can also create your own learning environment based on your requirements. You can take classes as per your timings, whether you take online classes from your home or some other place, you can always enjoy the flexibility. The best online tutor in Kolkata helps make a comfortable study place for focused learning.

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Developed self-discipline and responsibility- Taking home tuition in Kolkata makes you more self-disciplined and dedicated towards your work. Since you will be taking care of your learning requirements, time-management skills are something you will learn on your own. Even Ziyyara’s tutors are there to offer extended help to you. Isn’t online tuition in Kolkata help give a great start for your upcoming career days?

Taking classes from the best teacher- When you decide to take online home tuition in Kolkata or the best home tuition in Kolkata, you have the option to get classes from the best teachers. We have the best tutor in Kolkata associated with us who are highly qualified and have years of experience in this field.

Why Ziyyara?

Ziyyara is best known for providing the best educational services in Kolkata by providing the best online tutor in Kolkata to students. We are engaged in making qualified teachers available for all subjects to students who are really dedicated to their studies. We cater to students living in and around Kolkata and are not able to get the best quality education. All the online tutors working with us have to undergo an extensive selection process before getting appointed, our services are not refined to just a few places in Kolkata, rather we cater to the entire city.

Students looking for affordable education without compromising on anything can get in touch with us, we provide the best classes at affordable packages.

Key highlights of Ziyyara

The best online home tutor in Kolkata can help make your learning process easy. We are among the best providers of online tutors in Kolkata in Eastern India and adhere to the latest learning technology to make students stay updated about new ways in education. In order to give pace to each and every learner, we provide one-on-one classes so that no one has to rush in a hurry while understanding key concepts.

  • We create a peaceful and undisturbed environment so that students can learn easily.
  • We have a standard coordinating and recruitment team that takes care of the entire recruitment process.
  • Our technical team looks at the students’ issues and provides effective solutions. We also do a quick network run before the class schedule.
  • We offer one-to-one online home tuition in Kolkata rather than getting involved in any group studies. Focused attention ensures that all children get enough attention from teachers and they can learn at their own pace. Moreover, one-to-one online classes encourage students to clear doubts at the earliest.
  • Personalized assessment tests and regular feedback during online tuition classes make it easier for us to track children's progress in different subjects like Accounts, English, Maths, Science, etc.
  • We offer one FREE demo class as well so that students can get access to top-quality teachers and can understand their teaching style.
  • We arrange many mock tests, quizzes, etc. on a regular basis so that we can know about students’ stronger and weaker points.
  • Audio-video classes help children to grasp even the most difficult concepts with ease.

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How are we different from the rest?

Considering the shortage and unavailability of qualified and experienced teachers in Kolkata, we try our best to make them available to all aged group learners. Thanks to technological advancements in the field of education as well that made it easier for us to help students looking for online tuition in Kolkata.

At Ziyyara, we remain focused on offering quality education and don’t compromise at all. Some of the reasons make our online tuition in Kolkata different from the rest.

  • Face-to-face LIVE online interaction: One-to-one batch size makes two-way communication more effective, which is better for learning.
  • Best teachers: We have a pool of talented teachers to deliver online classes. All online home tutors in Kolkata working with us either have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in their particular subject.
  • Flexible in timings: Students can adjust the class timings as per their flexibility to ensure maximum class engagement.
  • Convenient and safe: With our Online Tuition in Kolkata you don’t have to worry about traveling.
  • Recorded classes: Even you can get recorded classes and can watch lectures once again to clear your concepts.
  • Regular doubt sessions: Availability of expert teachers and one-to-one online classes makes it easier for the students to get all doubts clear at the earliest. Better guidance and regular doubt explanation is important to get a good score.

To conclude, we can say that taking online classes has many benefits linked to it. In order to take the benefit from the same, you need to enroll at Ziyyara to study online. The entire process of online registration is quite easy, you need to refer to our official website, fill in all your details and you are all set for these digital classes. Moreover, you will get one FREE demo class from our home tutor in Kolkata for which you don’t have to pay a penny.

So don’t wait any more when online home tuition in Kolkata is designed for meticulous students like you!!

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