Hibiscus: The Miracle Flower That Gives Beautiful And Gorgeous Hair

Hibiscus The Miracle Flower

One problem that everybody is facing nowadays is hair fall. We all are the victim of different hair problems like hair fall, dry and frizzy hair, itchy scalp, etc. because we are relying heavily on different chemical-based products. The excess use of these products creates trouble not only for our hair but also for overall health.

We are forgetting the natural ways of treating our hair. Nature has given us so many beautiful things which we can use to enhance our beauty. But unfortunately, people are forgetting the age-old tradition and blindly believing in products available on our supermarket shelves.

One such great ingredient from nature is Hibiscus that can treat all our hair problems. Some companies have come up with Hibiscus shampoo that is very effective in treating our hair problems

Benefits Of Hibiscus On Hair

There are numerous benefits of hibiscus on our hair. Let’s dive into the details

Make The Hair Strong

Hibiscus flowers and leaves are both very beneficial. They are rich in flavonoids and amino acids. These vital nutrients enhance the blood circulation to the hair, turn dormant follicles into hair follicles and stimulate new hair growth. It also helps in keratin production and encourages healthy hair growth.

Act As A Sunscreen For Your Scalp

The antioxidants present in the hibiscus act like sunscreen for your scalp. It protects your scalp from harmful UV rays and helps in balancing the PH level. It also reduces oiliness and keeps your hair healthy.

Prevent Dandruff

By controlling the oil and maintaining the PH balance hibiscus thus prevent dandruff on your scalp. It clears the dandruff flakes from your scalp and prevents dandruff to reoccur.

Make Your Hair Smooth

The overuse of chemicals on our hair makes them rough and dry. The hibiscus help in retaining the natural oil of our hair thus making it smooth. The mucus present in the hibiscus naturally conditions our hair.

Delays Premature Grey Hair

The antioxidants present in the hibiscus helps to produce melamine that makes the hair darker and gives its natural color In some parts, people use hibiscus as hair dye.

Helps In Baldness

Most people suffer from baldness from a very early age. The antioxidants present in the hibiscus help in regrowing hair. The use of hibiscus can prevent baldness and moreover it has no side effects.

Usage Of Hibiscus

The hibiscus can be used with different ingredients and in different forms that are very effective on our hair


Hibiscus is used in oils. It can be mixed with different oils like coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, etc. Hibiscus oil is very effective in giving nourishment and promoting hair growth.


You can make your hibiscus shampoo by mixing different natural ingredients. You can also buy hibiscus shampoo that is manufactured by some companies. Hibiscus shampoo is very effective in controlling hair fall

Urvija India’s only brand with palm oil-free beauty products makes hibiscus shampoo that is very effective on hair. It is the best ayurvedic shampoo for hair fall.

Hair Pack

It can be used as a hair pack also. To make a hair pack one can mix hibiscus with amla or yogurt or aloe vera. These hair masks make your hair smooth, shiny and gorgeous.


As we can see, natural ingredients like hibiscus have so many benefits and no side effects. We must resort to our old ayurvedic practices and bring back the age-old tradition into our life for better health and overall wellbeing.

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