Tips for How Many Calories Should You Eat Per Day to Lose Weight?

Lose Weight

Many people eat too much and do nothing. What do you think about the result of this? You’re right if you guessed that they would gain fat. More than one-third of the UK’s population suffers from obesity.

  • The latest figures of the UK highlight that more than 66% of males and 57% of females are overweight. Many of these people want to lose weight. Yet most of the time, they fail to put in the efforts required for making this happen.
  • People want to become slim without doing anything. This is not the way to go. If you want to lose weight, you have to eat fewer calories.
  • The question here is how many calories should we consume then daily? This is the question that this article will try to answer. Let’s begin.
How many Calories do You Need?

Calories are not only linked to fattening foods. Calories relate to the amount of energy that a particular food provides. If we consistently take more energy, our bodies will gain weight. You can see that fattening doesn’t do with the food itself. It’s the calories that count here. So to lose weight effectively, one should minimise the use of calories within their diet. In an essay written by an assignment writing service at affordable dissertation, calories ultimately depend on your weight loss goal.
Weight Loss Goal

  • The more overweight an individual is, the higher the weight loss goal will be. The word goal depicts how many kilos or pounds you want to lose.
  • For example, a man weighs 80 kg, and now he wants to lose 10 kg of his weight. Now for that person, 10 kg is the goal. The diet plan will be according to his goal as well. One more thing to note here is that the time frame is also very important. For example, how much time do you want to lose excess weight? Is it one week, one month, or six months?
  • In short, time and goal are two important things for deciding what calories to eat if one wishes to lose weight. Now we will look at some of the examples depending on your goal.
1. 1 kilo in one week

  • This is our first scenario. How many calories should a person eat if he wants to lose 1-kilo weight in one week? Now I kilo is the goal, and one week is the time frame. So, according to a report of National Health Services UK, this person should eat 500 to 600 kcal fewer than he requires.
  • Thus, the person with this goal has to plan a diet that contains 600kcal less than his body’s demand.
2. 0.5 kilos in one week

A person doesn’t want to exercise but wants to lose weight. In this situation, the goal is to lose 0.5 kilos within a time frame of one week. A person with these requirements should take about 1800 calories daily. He should not consume any more than that.
3. 0.25 kg in one week

  • In the 3rd scenario, the goal is to lose 0.25 kilos weekly. A person would consume more calories here as compared to the previous situations. The more intense workout will perform, the more calories will burn, making you lose weight rapidly. But the goal here is only 0.25 kg per week. So the person would need to cut down his calory consumption to 2086 kcal daily.
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Tips Concerning Weight Loss

The consumption of calories depends mainly on the goal of an individual. This section will discuss some other tips to lose weight effectively. A brief description of all the tips is as follows;

  • Eat Breakfast: Snacking is the main cause of obesity in most people. To avoid this, people should not miss breakfast. This is because breakfast rich in protein helps you stay away from such things.
  • Drink Water: Drinking enough water helps lose weight with ease. Because water has no calories and can also fill you up quickly. Avoid drinking sodas and alcohol because these contain tonnes of calories. If you want to drink juice, always opt for the unsweetened variety.
  • Exercise: There is no alternative to exercise. This is because daily exercise guarantees that you won’t get fat again. Moreover, exercise helps you get rid of extra calories by burning them. While exercising, you should always challenge yourself. Most of the success will come when you challenge yourself. You can also exercise if you have pending assignments. For this, students can assign their assignments to the assignment writing service at affordable dissertation.
Final Thoughts

All in all, everything starts from the mindset. If you have a mindset of losing weight, you will achieve your goal. The calorie intake can also be controlled. Your diet should be set according to your goals to ensure this aspect.

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