How many mock tests will suffice for the UPSC prelims 2022?

It sounds like – How much food do I need to take – You should take your food as per your apatite but keeping in mind that it should balance your other activities in your life. The same way we can consider for the Prelims Mock Tests or Practice sets. You should always maintain a good balance between your Prelims and Mains preparation.

There is nothing like sufficient practice for Prelims Exam. UPSC is getting tough day by day and toppers like Riya Dabi claim to do 80 Mock Tests before the crash course for upsc prelims 2022 examination throughout the year in one of her interviews.

crash course for upsc prelims 2022

So now it comes to your grasping capacity that how much you need for your preparation. You should make a target of around 7 to 8k questions throughout the preparation. You can attempt 8 to 10 Mock Tests just before going to the examination.

The priority should be dividing the syllabus as per the previous year's question trend or as per your own strength and weaknesses. Try to touch every possible part of the IAS Prelims Syllabus.

This is a part of Mission Prelims course brochure by EDEN IAS, which I found carrying a good strategy for the preparation of prelims 2022 examination.

How can you make Mock Tests effective for your preparation?

In my opinion one should not directly jump on Mock Tests. As most of the times it happens that we get confuse by looking at the questions from all the subjects together and loose our confidence. You can start section wise or subject wise. Mission Prelims is a program for Prelim’s examination and revision, in this course also first the teachers make you solve section wise and later on give a final touch with the Mock Test.

Talking about the CSAT Mock Test, these days UPSC is showing a lot of variation in CSAT Paper which most of the students are not prepared for. There should also be a section wise division for Prelims CSAT Subject for various sections – Logical Reasoning, Comprehensions, Mathematics etc… The tricks and techniques can help a lot in such test.

Bottom line...

If you are performing well in subject wise test – This will have a direct impact on your Mock Test and thus it decides how may tests will be sufficient for you. There is no harm in going for at least 10 Mock Tests.


Your question is not giving the real meaning, it could have two assumptions:

1) You are asking about an IAS Coaching in Delhi which is related to GS Foundation Courses only. For this the answer could be:

Of course, if you have to follow the brand game and are obsessed with name then there is none other best option than VAJIRAM &RAVI or VISION IAS. (Mind it I am talking about only name).

But if you want a coaching which is value for money which is giving you quality then there is nothing best than “EDEN IAS”. The coaching is new in market but still 6-8 years old, in its infant stage, but trust me it is of next level in making one’s foundation up to the next level. So yes, EDEN IAS is a win-win deal for having a good start with UPSC journey.

2) Second connotation of your question is you are asking about Optional classes. I would suggest if you are not having a better foundation in the subject go with the humanities subject that is the safe bet.


I am assuming you are about to complete your graduation and dreaming about joining any UPSC coaching for making your dream come true. So, if I have to say, then there is nothing like best month to join, as in every month you will get the news of starting of new foundation batches. And nowadays it is like this only.

But yes, it is advisable don’t join any foundation classes just before 2 months of Prelims crash course paper and yes best time would be joining the classes just after giving you graduations final paper (if want to devote only one year.) But if you want to devote more than a year and have time then go for foundation classes just after completion of 12th class.

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