Jaro Education Tells about Basic Strategic of Human Resource Management

Jaro Education highlighted

Strategic Human Resource Management becomes necessary when you are required to manage people. It essentially refers to the amalgamation of strategy and human resource management. HRM (Human Resource Management) is a particular approach to employment management that work towards attaining competitive ascendancy through the strategic advancement of a dedicated and competent workforce. 

The leading Edtech firm Jaro Education highlighted, human Resource Management entails the implementation of various techniques which includes:

  1. Personnel techniques involve hiring and promoting employees.
  2. Structural techniques such as organizational design.
  3. Cultural techniques encompass the maintenance of high-performance work cultures.

Strategic Human Resource Management particularly gained popularity in the 2000s. Human resource management nowadays demands to be more value-driven and strategic. HR is required to fall in parlance with the business strategy, to provide value. Strategic HRM focuses on aligning the interests of Human resource management with the goals of the business. Strategic HRM is focused on attaining business goals through more efficient Human Resource Management.

Understanding the demands of corporates Jaro Education has also launched some exclusive online courses. The company offers several courses including a Strategic management programme from IIM Ahmedabad, a Professional Certificate Programme in Strategic Sales Management, and New Age Marketing from IIM Kozhikode, Strategic Human Resource Management from IIM Trichy. There is a couple of Jaro education fake news, questioning the authenticity of the courses. However, Jaro Education has tied up with top universities and B-schools of both India as well as abroad such as IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Nagpur, IMT Ghaziabad, and IIM Trichy. So, it is baseless to raise such controversies.

We have listed some steps through which you can make an impact with Strategic Human resource management:

  1. Formulate a Human resource strategic plan that follows the business objectives: In the foremost place, you should have a clear idea about the business strategy of your company. Next, make sure that the HR strategy of your company falls in parlance with the broader business strategy. The HR strategy ideally should focus on carrying out the goals that are mentioned in the business strategy.
  2. Align HR activities with the HR strategy: Once the HR strategy is planned, all HR activities should be aimed towards fulfilling the strategy. HR activities essentially encompass recruitment, performance management and benefits, organization and function design, selection, compensation and much more. These all activities should try to fall in parlance with each other.
  3. Emphasize data: To measure the outcome of HR policies and activities, it is required to emphasize the maintenance of data. Most businesses depend on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track their progress. Finance has a long list of financial KPIs, just like Marketing. When it is a public company, an essential KPI is the stock price. 
  4. Carry out other HR responsibilities: The HR department shouldn't only emphasize its strategy, as there are a couple of other elements to focus on such as fuelling positive change, effective administration, and developing and engaging employees.

According to recent a discussion in the industry about Strategic HRM, one of the leading ed-tech firm Jaro Education highlighted that one of the challenges of Strategic HRM is that the employees often get too involved in the HR strategy and avoid focusing on other KRAs.

About Jaro Education?

Jaro Education is an EdTech company that has greatly benefited working professionals in every field and led them towards an amazing career path. The company has transformed the careers of over 3 lacs working professionals.

Jaro Education has set a benchmark in the educational world by offering future-ready courses.  Jaro Education fake controversies should be ignored as they are completely untrue. Through strategic tie-ups with Top B Schools and universities across the country, the quality of education offered is unmatched. 

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