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Thick paperboard is used for making rigid boxes. The paperboard is corrugated by means of folding. Rigid boxes are sturdy containers that are made of kraft paper or corrugated board.

Rigid boxes are usually used by manufacturers for packing heavy, bulky items. The sturdy design will protect the contents from damage whether it is dropped, bumped, or handled roughly during transit. Some types of rigid boxes have removable dividers which allow for customization depending on what type of product is being packed. One very stylish and feasible type is book-style rigid boxes that can cater for a variety of products

Wholesale Book Style Rigid Boxes Made With Corrugated Boxes & Cartons

Rigid boxes can be made out of either corrugated cardboard or paperboard, often referred to as kraft board. The difference between the two products lies in their fluting. Corrugated cardboard has fluted ridges that run vertically, and paperboard has fluted ridges that run horizontally. The flute is the raised portion of the board.

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Fluting gives kraft boards added strength and flexibility, as well as insulation properties. Kraft board comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses depending on its intended use as well as what type of machine will be used to make it.

Kraft paperboard can be used to make boxes of any type, including square, rectangular and round. They are strong enough for shipping heavy items like food cans, dish packs and glass bottles.

Rigid Boxes Come In Different Styles & Types:

  1. Square type boxes 
  2. Cubic type boxes 
  3. Round type boxes 
  4. Triangle type boxes 
  5. Hexagonal type boxes 
  6. Square semi-corrugated boxboard paper container for deep drawing, packaging of foods and pharmaceuticals, etc. and this paperboard comes with corrugated board (flute) on both sides. also known as deepdrawn boxes

The Highly Versatile and Attractive: Book Style Rigid Boxes

This is one of the most stylish and unique shapes of rigid setup boxes that can pack a variety of your products efficiently and display them attractively.

Book style rigid boxes are almost similar to the cake box style. It is also a kind of corrugated boxes which suitable for packing books, comics, toys or magazines. It is made up of kraft paperboard tray and three folding side panels. It will make your items well protected during the shipping process.

The wholesale book-style rigid box is shaped like a book. This box can be made from one flat piece of board with no flutes, and scored to fit the size of the item it will hold. The ends are then folded out and glued together to form three sides of the box, leaving an opening on top which is normally closed off by taping or inserting a separate end panel.

The lid of custom printed book style boxes is either made of corrugated board or kraft paperboard depending on the requirement. It is attached to the box by means of a metal hinge which allows for easy access to the contents.

Customizing Book-Style Rigid Boxes

Book-style rigid box can be customized by adding flute to increase durability or turn to book style folding box which are easy for saving storage space.

You can decorate the book-style rigid box with different printing techniques and add-ons. Here is some of the most common add-ons for bookstyle rigid boxes:

  1. Up to four spot colors printing: spot color printing uses a pre-mixed ink colors. Our standard is for us to use four colors, but you can choose from seven or more colors depending on your needs. This helps you create highly appealing custom printed book style boxes.
  2. With window or without window for choosing: adding a window to the wholesale book style rigid boxes is the best way for your customer to see what's inside, and it also can display a logo or a photo of your products.
  3. In-mold decoration: in-molding is an automated process that attaches inks directly into the molded board at more than 500 degrees f (260 degrees c).
  4. Tote tray can be added for your box which makes it easier for carrying, stacking and storing the boxes. The tote tray will protect up to 6 boxes which is great if you are shipping small items in larger ones. You just have to put the smaller one into the bigger box that comes with a snug-fitting cover.
  5. Rigid setup boxes are also a kind of book style box, it's easy for storage and can save your shipping cost as well. It will be more convenient that the boxes with lids because you do not have to worry about losing or forgetting the lid.
  6. If you want your products to stand out from the rest, make sure to use high resolution images, high gloss or matte lamination, etc.
  7. 3. Glossy lamination or matte lamination is optional for choosing if you want to add more luxury look and feel on your products packaging box design. 
  8. 4. Embossing, debossing, hot stamping or gold foil can be applied on your box for decoration.

The Advantages Of These Book Style Rigid Box Are : 

  • Create a professional appearance for your product with printing & finishing options with custom printed packaging wholesale.
  • Packaging boxes can be designed according to your products' shape and size
  • Save money by using a one piece box and one lid
  • Tote tray makes it easier for carrying and storage
  • Versatile design works for a variety of packaging needs from retail, shipping & receiving to mail order catalogs.

Shop Rigid Boxes Provides The Best Way To Package Your Products For Display Or Sale. 

It's no secret that packaging is an important part of the retail process. With all of these options for customizing your book style rigid box, you can create a unique design to fit any need or preference. 

From printing and finishing techniques like glossy lamination or matte lamination to in-mold decoration with embossing, debossing, hot stamping or gold foil; there are plenty of ways to customize this kind of rigid box so it looks just right! Our experts at Paper Box Packaging have been working hard on perfecting our craft for over 40 years now - let us know how we can help bring your products into their final form by giving them the best possible home they deserve.

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