Reason Why You Need Expert Android App Development Services

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Android is one of the popular platforms for mobile users with billions of users worldwide. If you want to build a mobile application for your business, then nothing matches the potential of Android. The unlimited benefits that these apps deliver to your business are among the prime reasons for the growing popularity of Android app development services.

If you want to make your digital presence impressive, the decision to hire android app developer can turn into a new beginning. Thousands of businesses enjoy enhanced customer loyalty and better engagement with their business apps.

Today, we will discuss some reasons that make using expert android app development services crucial for your success. Before we start listing the reasons, let's find out why android is the most suitable option for your business application.

What makes Android the Best platform for your business app?

Just make a list of ten people around you, and you will find that at least 7 out of them will be using an android phone. The vast market share of Android provides a huge potential to achieve your business goals. Check out these stats about android usage to realize it’s worth yourself.

  • There are more than 1.6 users who prefer to use Android devices.
  • The United States has more than 129.1 million Android users.
  • If we talk about mobile operating systems, android holds around 85% market share.
  • The revenue of the Android mobile apps will reach more than $930 billion by 2023.
  • More than 50% of people open an app more than 50 times per day.
  • More than 70% of US digital media time comes from mobile applications.

Why do you need to hire an android app developer with expertise and experience?

Overcoming The Technical Challenges

The unique needs of different businesses often end up with technical challenges while developing your android applications. The experience and skills of your android app development company will play a deciding role to overcome these challenges.

On the other hand, if your developer is not experienced and skilled, you may face unnecessary delays in the delivery of the projects and complications in your app. To escape this inconvenience, ensure to hire android app developer from experienced and reputed companies only.

Integrating Security Features

As there are a lot of tools and frameworks available these days, developing an application is not a big deal. The important thing is to add enough security features so that you can withstand various cyber threats that haunt the digital industry.

Hiring a development company with expertise and experience in building android apps is a wise thing. They can help you add the latest security patches encountering malware and other threats efficiently.

Listing Your App On App Store

Building an app is one thing. It is not worth it if the Android application is rejected by the app store. If you are using the services of an immature developer, your app may fail to qualify the standards for app store listing.

Only experienced developers know all ins and outs of listing the applications on the app store. Moreover, listing your android application on the app store will be a complimentary service if you choose to hire reputed and professional android app development services.

Providing Support And Maintenance

It is not hard to find people who chose to hire android app developers for their business but faced problems due to their unavailability for support and maintenance. We hope that you don’t want to be on the list.

Only genuine companies offer support and maintenance even after delivering your applications. You can also extend the duration of support by paying some nominal charges.

Competitor Analysis

Professional android app development companies also offer competitor analysis services. It will help you to identify the strong points of competitors’ apps and add those things to your business app.

In this way, your app will be ready to face tough competition waiting for it ahead. These competition analysis services can be free or paid depending on the company you choose.

Ensuring Worth For Your Money

The most common complaint from people who hire android app developers is that they are not satisfied with the results. Well, it is an inevitable consequence for hiring inexperienced android app development services.

If you don’t want to deal with such complaints later, it is better to hire a trustworthy android development partner in the first place. The wise decision will help you avoid regretting wasting time and money on unsatisfactory android applications.


So these were some benefits that you should reap by hiring trustworthy android app development services for your business. You can use various online platforms to search for reviews and ratings of the development companies.

It will help you filter the best options to hire android app developers. If you don’t want to waste time on searching, you can take help from companies like The Brihaspati Infotech and more to develop your app with satisfactory results.

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