Remarkable ASP.NET Core Features You Need to Consider

Each framework comprises special benefits and features which make it different. Hence it can help you overcome the common development experiments and help you with boosting the overall performance.

Remarkable ASP.NET Core Features

ASP.NET is one of the most vital and successful website application frameworks by Microsoft. With each update, there are new and comprehensive features that will help developers deploy extremely scalable and high-performance apps. If it is coupled with app monitoring or any other performance tools, then remarkable ASP.NET core features emerge as one of the powerful solutions for constructing one of the best apps.

Within the framework, there are remarkable ASP.NET Core features to assist you in overcoming common development experiments. Hence it helps you with the application and boosts the overall performance.

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Remarkable ASP.NET Core Features:

Here are some of the notable ASP.NET core features which you definitely need to consider:

Cross-platform and Container Support:

By introducing .NET Core, you can successfully create an ASP.NET app that deploys them in Linux, Windows, and macOS. Microsoft and the community deliver you everything essential for making Linux one of the priorities for operating ASP.NET. Furthermore, containers use clouds these days. Hence ASP.NET Core lets developers use all such types of technologies. In addition to this, Microsoft Azure supports deploying the application with containers as well as Kubernetes.

High performance:

Sometimes performance becomes one of the critical features of the software. By using these types of ASP.NET Core and the Kestrel web server, ASP.NET is used as one of the best web application frameworks. The technology empowers the ASP.NET, which is incorporated. The latest Kestrel webserver was remodeled using the ground up to all types of benefits of asynchronous programming models. Hence it is much more lightweight and fast.

Extended Output Caching:

Such a feature lets ASP.NET cache the output which is generated by a page, and it ultimately serves the cached content, especially for future purposes. It stores all the data which is not restructured regularly and outputs that specify the data from a cached position.

ASP.NET enables everything to be convenient to specify any request which can be cached with common HTTP headers. It also helps to support the caching output within a specific memory on that particular web server. You can even get help from any provider for controlling your output caching.

Localization and Globalization:

ASP.NET allows you to easily localize all the numbers, dates, and text within the web application. Hence, localization is extremely significant to you if you need your application for a global usage.

ASP.NET allows you modification in your app for several languages through resource files. Such resource files are essential as one of the central repositories where all the texts are considered, and web pages can identify these resource files. There are two kinds of resources:

  • Local Resources – explicitly for one page (these are local resource files for each page)
  • Global Resources – collective for the whole site (all types of pages access one resource file)

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