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top mobile brands

The era of digitalization is speeding up and stretching its arms. Look at every other Indian, today even the poorest of the poor can afford a mobile phone (as we see in cities). Now, you can already understand that in a competitive situation like this, it is difficult to say which one is the best phone company in India because all the top mobile brands are coming up with something innovative and cutting-edge. It is best for Indians as they are now getting superb features at affordable prices. In a way, it makes sense to the Indians who love something sophisticated, high-end, and plush at a nominal cost. The competition is so high that once considered the mobile manufacturers for the premium-class, OnePlus, is now coming up with models priced under 20000 INR... can you imagine now?

Anyway, we will now talk about the top mobile brands in India who are making history by bringing in high-end models at the best price. The race to become the best phone company in India is afoot:
  • OnePlus: This is one of the top mobile brands in India. OnePlus is all geared up to launch the new models priced under 20k. Finally, OnePlus has paid heed to the requirements of the common crowd of India. However, will the quality suffer? This is a question that still remains unanswered. OnePlus is originally a Chinese brand. But now all the assembling of the phones is being done in India. Some consider this as the best phone company in India. All the credit goes to its high-performing capacity and excellent longevity.
  • Apple: No, even though Apple is available in India, it is purely for the premium crowd. This American brand has kept its signature style restricted to the posh Indians. However, owning any Apple product is still a dream for many Indians that is possible to fulfill by opting for easy installments. It ranks in the list of top mobile brands in India. But no, not all Indians think it is the best phone company in India.
  • OPPO: Undoubtedly one of the top mobile brands, that has crept into the hearts of the majority of Indians owing to the cost-effectiveness yet sophisticated attributes, like the high-end features, brilliant performance, super-sexy looks, and more. Many people consider this as the best phone company in India.
  • Samsung: This is the best phone company in India, alongside making high-end mobile phones. The phones by Samsung belong to different price ranges. You will get affordable phones and premium ones too. They have brought forth variety and reliability, all at the same time. It rules the list of top mobile brands in India, and there are very few mobile brands that can reach Samsung's goodwill, prowess in the electronics market, and brand presence in the people's minds, etc. Samsung is one of the top mobile brands used by people belonging to all rungs of society. Samsung, with its versatility, has won the hearts of millions in the country.
  • Vivo: In recent years, Vivo has made it big in the Indian market. The phones are affordable, feature-packed, can be used for a few years at least after making the purchase, and user-friendliness. Can we say it is the best phone company in India? We don't think you'll agree. Instead, you will find Huawei better suited for that position.
  • Huawei: It is being used by a lot of Indians. But, it is yet to become one of the top mobile brands in the Indian context. However, the phones by Huawei are pretty great!
Apart from the brands mentioned above, there are top mobile brands like LG (mobiles are impressive, but failed to penetrate the mobile market, as such), Panasonic, Xiaomi (pretty known brand in India), Micromax, and more. If you plan to get one from the best phone company in India, Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card is there to make all your dreams come true. Use the card to opt for the no-cost EMI scheme and enjoy the ocean of benefits.

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