What Is Webmail & How To Create A New Webmail?

1and1 webmail signup and login

1 and 1 is one of the platforms that allow you to create webmail for just 1$ for a month. If you want to use the 1 and 1 webmail platform read here 1and1 webmail signup and login process with the beginner-friendly guide.

If you’re a beginner the question that may be hitting your mind is, what is webmail? Isn’t it? Don’t fret, I’m here to provide you with the ultimate solution for the same.

What is Webmail? Well, Webmail is known for sending and receiving mails and these are web-based accounts. As mails are essentials for day-to-day life, mails are required to set up every phone, tab, or even laptop.

There are two types of mail available in the market, the first one, that enables users to create and use email for free, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail, and many others. These are the free email accounts that anyone can create.

But when it comes to webmail, these are the paid ones and provide you with many amazing features.

The biggest benefit of using webmail is you can use your custom domain within it, which the free email provider doesn’t enable for that.

For accessing the webmail you’ll be required to have a browser and a stable internet connection.

I believe you’ve understood the basics of Webmail. If so, then without any further delay, let's dive into the topic and understand how you can create your own custom domain webmail. Simply follow the below-given steps.

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How To Create A Webmail With Step-By-Step Guide:

As we said there are numerous platforms that allow you to create webmail, you can choose any of them. We’re sharing a complete guide for IONOS (1and1 webmail). The steps will remain the same on all platforms. Apply the below-mentioned steps.

  • First off, make sure on which platform you want to choose for creating your webmail.
  • Once you’ve decided, use a browser to visit that website.
  • On the home page, you can “Email & Office” option, tap on it.
  • Under this option simply choose “Email Address”, and click continue.
  • The next screen will show you the plans that they offer you, choose any of them, (As your requirement).
  • Once you’ve chosen the plan it will ask you to use your existing domain, or book a new one.
  • Here, in the search bar, you can type your business brand name and then click on the “Check Now” button.
  • If that domain is available then you can book it straight away, but in case not available then you’ll be given a bounce of related domains list with your entered name.
  • Choose any of them.
  • Or search for new ones.
  • Once you choose your domain, it will take you to the new page, make payment, and you’re all set to rock on.

Can I Use Apps For Webmail?

Well, as the name suggests WEBMAIl, it means these mails are accessible through browsers. However, the world is shifting to apps rather than browsers, so it's hard to tell if your provider has their apps or not.

However, you can use Microsoft’s Outlook to access your emails on your handset. There are a few settings you need to configure before using it. You can get in touch with your provider and ask them for your SMTP and IMAP settings and port numbers.

GMail, Yahoo Mail, and Rediffmail Webmail?

Any email service that can be accessed with the help of any web browser is considered webmail, whether it's Gmail,Yahoo Mail or anything else. But you should understand that these don't offer you a custom domain, so you need to use their domain only. But 1and1 webmail enables you to use a custom domain as per you need.

Frequently Asked Questions:

#1. Can I create multiple emails in webmail?

Yes, the majority of the webmail companies provide you with this feature to create multiple mails, however, we suggest you check out the plan while choosing the one.

#2. Is webmail better than free email?

In some terms, we can say YES. It also depends if you're an individual or business owner. If you're a business owner then we highly recommend you should go with webmail as it looks more promising while converting your leads into sales. But if money is a concern for you then you can rely on free platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo emails.

#3. Is webmail safe to use?

Yes, completely, as all your data and emails are stored in the company's server who takes care of all these. If anything goes wrong, then the webmail provider company will be responsible, not you.

Wrapping Up:

Webmail is the best way to use an email with your custom domain. A custom domain can increase the conversion rate of your product because free email providers restrict you with the domain name but webmail doesn’t.

In this detailed article, we’ve talked about what webmail is, and how you can create one for your business. We believe this post was useful for you and provided you with the ultimate guide.

If you’ve any questions, you can use the comment section given below. For such a knowledgeable post, keep visiting TechBeholder

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