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High Schools In Dubai

The real purpose of High School Dubai is to prepare students for life beyond school. In today’s world, there is a need for a few life lessons, self-awareness, and more specialized skills.

One of the easiest ways to help advance students is by incorporating learning experiences outside the classroom which can enrich a student's educational experience and it will also show them how to apply to real-life scenarios.

Story of Mahatma Gandhi and Life Lessons

We would like to begin this article with a beautiful story on Mahatma Gandhi (Father of the Nation) who was boarding the train and one of his sandals slipped off and fell down. As the train was moving, he didn’t get the chance to pick it up. Gandhi took off his second sandal and threw it. When his colleague who noticed this scenario asked him the reason for doing it. He answered, “One sandal wouldn’t make any difference, but a pair of sandals would certainly help someone else”.

This story shows the act of charity, helping others and thinking about others' needs; even if it is a small act, it certainly makes a difference in someone’s life.

Moral of the story

With this act, he focuses on two important things; what people in the world need and how people should let go of things. It applies to learning also, we need to rethink what’s worth learning and what’s worth letting go of.

Importance of Life Lesson or Learning in High School Dubai

So you may learn academic and many skills from school but the life lessons are important things that help to build character, the personality of any students. So parents should ask what lesson or learning a child will learn in a school?

Why School should focus on life learning?

Schools these days have a lot of academic content that isn’t going to matter or make a difference, in a significant way in students' lives.

So school must focus on teachings that would be a better return on investment. High School Dubai teachers make sure that a large body of information is passed so that the students understand the logic and not just repeat facts but also know how to apply logic to real-life situations.

The information in textbooks is not necessarily what children need. Education certainly prepares you for life, curriculum doesn’t help much in life except to some extent.

The purpose of Knowledge

Knowledge is meant to be utilized, it is not for accumulating. Top Schools in Dubai focus on providing Knowledge that can be used in walks of life.

Teachers and Parents focus on short-term successes such as scoring well in the exam. We do not focus on long-term gain. Unfortunately, all of that information students accumulate for years gets wasted as it becomes useless if not used.

“The truth is that our minds hold on only to the knowledge which we use regularly. Overwhelmingly, unused knowledge is forgotten easily.”

During the Future of Learning session by Perkins

He once asked audiences to think about something they learned during their schooling years that really matters in their lives today except basics.

“It was surprising that None of them remembered much. It is the truth and current state of education.”

Schools should focus on making students experts in their daily life topics such as filing taxes, expressing through art, understanding insurance and terms related to it or dealing with certain situations.

So it becomes necessary that we need to blow up the system and start fresh. Well, we may not be able to change all the things but at least can touch some corners, and slowly in the years to come we never know we might even see a bigger change in education and school learnings.

Here are a few things Top Schools in Dubai focuses on:-

How to Fight Negativity

Children often get discouraged or have most of the time negative thoughts when they compare themselves with others which indirectly affects their behavior or performance. The outside world is full of competition and might hurt tender minds.

In order to prepare them, High School Dubai focuses on having sessions to encourage the students to make them feel confident and positive.

They make sure that they teach children to face negative thoughts and how to convert them into positive ones.

Ethics and Morals

Students are taught to follow ethics and morals which indeed helps in their character building which they carry for the rest of life in every walks of life.

Spirit of teamwork

Learning the true meaning of teamwork is essential as it definitely helps in all areas of life. Top Schools in Dubai have many activities, projects, sports, and other educational excursions at school which prepare the student for the essence of cumulative efforts and helping each other in times of need.


School plays a critical role in students' life, it is the centre point from the early days to maturity. So Top Schools in Dubai focus on providing values, learnings, and guidance that can remain engraved in their mind and they can use it for the rest of their life.

No doubt curriculum is important but there are few things beyond the periphery of the curriculum, which are life lessons. The learning in school must include extracurricular activities or lessons that can help in daily life such as how to tackle conflicts, problems or how to deal with disappointments and failure.

If students learn the right way to deal with life then they can lead a happier healthy life in the future and that’s what is worth learning in High School Dubai.

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