What Is The Cheapest And Best Coaching Academy For UPSC In Delhi?

Best Coaching Academy For UPSC In Delhi

UPSC Preparation is no less than an addiction, it’s an addictive dream for an aspirant as well as parents to provide their ward the Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi preparation for UPSC exam so that they can crack the exam in the very first attempt.

This extreme emption becomes the selling point for many coaching institutes and they get the entire education service to the level of product selling. The Delhi coaching industry has become a Billion of Dollar industry.

There are certain myths to be broken before you start thinking about UPSC coaching for preparation.

Myth no 1. – The most expensive coaching gives you the best – There are some old coaching in Delhi who they charge unnecessary for their old name. In fact, they are the least updated coaching, who take students for granted.

Myth no 2. – A low fee charging coaching is trustable – You may get a benefit of discount by many coaching who they start from 1 lakh fee and are ready to take your admission even if you pay 40 thousand. Here you should think. If you are not investing on the raw material how would you get the good product, the same stands for the coaching as well, for a good teaching team you need to pay them good. And the payment to good teaching faculties goes as per the average market rate. (This is the actual side of any service industry or say any business model)

How to choose a good coaching keeping the amount side in consideration?

The most basic courses you will get from any coaching (which is famous for its course) and also you need to start your preparation –

1. The GS Subject classes – You can get it under a foundation course or can take it as individual modules depending on your thought process or priorities. The average cost for a GS Module with a known teacher varies from INR 30k to 45k per GS module (GS I, II, III, IV) with its test series. (Famous coaching for GS Modules – EDEN IAS, KSG,

Next IAS – in a chronology as per their demand)

2. The GS Mains Test Series – You can get a test series for on an average cost of INR 20k – 35k. The test series contains both Sectional and Mock Tests. (Famous coaching for Mains Test Series – Vision IAS, Forum IAS, EDEN IAS, Insight IAS - – in a chronology as per their demand)

3. The Answer Writing Module – You can get some modules of answer writing and essay writing varying between INR 15k to 20k. (Famous coaching – EDEN IAS, Insight IAS – in a chronology as per their demand)

4. The GS IV Module + Case Studies – Tirthankar Roychowdhary Sir is the best-known teacher for ethics and case study, previously there was a name S. Ansari Sir, who is now considered outdated for his teaching techniques. The Fee for this module goes till INR 25k.

5. The Foundation Course – There is huge difference can be found in the price range of the foundation course starting from 60k to 2 Lakh. There are two hubs for UPSC coaching in Delhi, Old Rajinder Nagar and Mukherjee Nagar; But the crowd in these two places are pole opposite – Mukherjee Nagar is famous for Hindi Medium Aspirants and you can find even coaching where they can offer you the entire foundation course in 30k but this is probably the worst level of cheating they do with the aspirants who come from small towns and trust them. There is an old coaching famous for Hindi Medium students – Drishti IAS is the only destination for Hindi medium students, The same coaching tried to please students of English medium but failed poorly, as they are really poor with their techniques which is not accepted as per the level of Old Rajinder Nagar students.

Always try to compare the classes before choosing the coaching for UPSC preparation. If the coaching is really providing the good content and a good level of preparation will never say a no to you for the demo classes.

These are some coaching and their fee structure:

Vajiram & Ravi – Fee for 1 Year is approx. 1Lakh 80 thousand (Charging on the name of legacy of 35 years in this industry, which hardly matters, as the teachers they change, its just that you are paying for sitting under an old roof on the name of experience)

Note – UPSC Exam is demand as updated level of preparation which means the old walls has nothing to do about it.

Eden IAS – Fee for 1 Year is approx. 1 Lakh 20 thousand (They are the only coaching providing revisions with the syllabus coverage, become famous in recent years for their good number of selections in UPSC and teaching standards And Provide also practice for Mains Answer Writing

Sriram IAS – Fee for 1 Year is approx. 1 Lakh 50 thousand (They are at least justifying the fee they charge, good economy classes but not a value for the entire course, test series are not so good)

Next IAS – Fee for 1 Year is approx. 1 Lakh 70 thousand (They almost mimic Vajiram for everything, classes are almost of average level. They charge to regain what they spend on marketing)

KSG IAS – Fee for 1 Year is approx. 1 Lakh 45 thousand (They were good during 2014 – 2017, when Tina Dabi cracked UPSC, but now the level has gone down) 

EDEN IAS and Sriram IAS are comparatively better than any other coaching, but you should take the demo before joining the coaching.

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