What Are The Best SEO Tools For A Website Audit In 2022?

SEO audit tools

Yes, we all agree that Search Engine Optimization is a process that takes a lot of time and effort to show the result. No wonder, how proficient you are in SEO, you have to do everything manually. From writing titles to creating a backlink. And one of the most important activities in the SEO process is Creating a Website SEO Audit report. With Google, Bing, and other search engines releasing new updates on a daily basis, it is becoming increasingly difficult to analyse all of the data available on a website and identify progress and issues. And at this time, we are seeking the assistance of Website SEO Audit tools.

These SEO Analysis tools, which automate the SEO auditing process, are a lifesaver for SEO specialists. These tools dig deep into the website and show the progress space, which is by no means possible for us to get into, especially if you have a website with a large number of pages, such as the Amazon website. Do you believe it is possible to manually analyse the SEO progress of all the pages on the Amazon website? We can use SEO audit tools to help us with this.

Before we get into what all of these SEO audit tools are, we should first understand what kind of SEO Auditing Report we require.

We all know that SEO is divided into three parts: on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO. As a result, we divide the Website SEO Audit Report into three sections.

On-Page SEO Audit: On-page SEO (also known as On-site SEO) is a component of SEO in which we optimize our web pages for both search engines and users. Because on-page SEO must be done in our web pages, an SEO Specialist has complete control over it. So, what should be considered when creating an On-page SEO Analysis Report?

Below are some point

  1. Title and Meta Description
  2. H1-H6 Tags
  3. Content
  4. Schema Markup
  5. Internal and External Links
  6. Keyword Consistency
  7. URL Structure
  8. Sitemap
  9. Image Alt Text
  10. Canonicalization
  11. Website Structure
  12. Google Analytics
  13. Google Search Console
  14. Robots.txt file

These are some of the points which you should take care of while creating On-page SEO Audit Report.

Off-Page SEO Audit:
Off-page SEO, as the name implies, does not have to be on our websites. The primary activity in off-page SEO is the creation of backlinks through a variety of activities. So, what do we look for in off-page SEO?
  1. Number of Backlinks
  2. Quality of Backlinks
  3. Social Media Activity
  4. Traffic from Backlinks
  5. Local Business Listings
  6. Spammy Links

All these need to be taken into consideration while doing off-page SEO auditing.

Technical SEO Audit: Technical SEO is the foundation of SEO because it is dependent on the technology used in website development, which affects website performance. Now, let's look at everything we need to think about when performing technical SEO auditing.
  1. Mobile Friendliness
  2. Website Loading Speed
  3. Use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  4. Broken Links
  5. Blocking Factors
  6. Core Web Vitals

All these should be included in our Technical SEO auditing report.

Website SEO Audit Tools

Now, when we know everything about an SEO Auditing report, we dive into the Tools for SEO Auditing. We have got both FREE and Paid SEO tools, so here we discuss the both types of website auditing tools along with their functions.
1. SEOptimer: SEOptimer is one of my favorite SEO auditing tools. Its free version has many features and insightful reports which many free tools do not provide. With this SEO Analyzing tool, you can get on-page, off-page and technical seo audit reports at one place. And the amazing thing is that you can white label the report this tool provides in many languages, but yes, that one is a paid feature.

2. Screaming Frog: Screaming frog is a Desktop Software which is available for both Windows and Mac. It has unlimited features. You just need to enter your URL and it gives you a full report from HTML, page size to meta tags and title, word count. It is both paid and free software and its free version has enough features to analyze a website fully.

3. Small SEO Tools: We are reading the correct name. As it says, small. This tool provides us with various small tools which are important for our website performance analysis. From content plagiarism checker to keyword density checker and website broken link checker, it has covered everything and the interesting thing these all are free tools.

4. Technical SEO Tools: Yes, Technical SEO tools let us analyze technical parts of SEO like robots.txt file, mobile friendly test, hreflang test. All these are available for free under one website audit tool which helps website developers understand the SEO part and create user and search engine friendly websites.

5. SEO Site Checkup: Another website SEO audit tool that not only analyzes websites, but also provides free solution videos to improve your SEO score. You can check one website a day for a free version. To see what features are available in the paid version, you can take a 14 days free trial. It also provides competitor analysis along with your website.

6. Google Analytics: The important tool from Google, Google Analytics. It is 100% free and gives deep information about your audience. From where your audience is coming, what they are doing on your website, how long they stay, which device they use, and what action they take on your website. Every information is provided by google that helps in taking decisions for future SEO strategy or paid marketing strategy.

7. Google Search Console: Another important SEO audit tool from Google which is free. While Google Analytics provides the information how the audience behaves with your website, Google Search Console provides data about how Google itself behaves with the website, backlinks your website is getting from other domains.

8. Bing webmaster Tool: Whenever we talk about SEO, we talk about google, but there are other search engines as well that provide a little less traffic to our website but the data from that is still useful and significant. Bing webmaster toll is from Microsoft for bing Search engine, where you can analyze how your website is performing on Bing.

9. Content King: I believe that this is one of the best tools in SEO, unlike any other website seo audit tool, which gives historical data, this tool provides real time data and in real time how your website is performing, if you have had some changes in your webpage it notifies immediately. Yes, it is a paid tool, but you can take a free trial without giving any card information.

Here are a few website audit tools, which I use regularly. If you know any other tools that you love, share it with everyone in the comments.

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