Cloudways Web Hosting Review

Cloudways Web Hosting Review

Two things should be kept in mind when it comes to choosing a hosting plan for your business online i.e. functionality and affordability. Of course, you need to choose a web hosting provider that can offer you affordability and functionality in terms of hosting. This is the point where Cloudways comes as the best web hosting provider online.

If you are looking for cloud-based managed hosting for your site, you need to look at nowhere else but Cloudways. Here, you need to remember that Cloudways offers completely managed hosting as well as promises fast loading of Wordpress websites. It means that there won’t be any headache running a business online.

However, it’s a fact that Cloudways offers security, performance and speed, but still you first need to go through a detailed Cloudways Web Hosting Review. By reading our review on Cloudways web hosting, you can be able to make an informed decision.

Cloudways Web Hosting Review – Try 3-day Free Trial Offer

If you are confused about deciding whether you should go with Cloudways web hosting or not, you need to use its 3-day free trial offer. It means that you can use its premium hosting features for your site for free. You won’t need to pay for cloud hosting.

With super fast web page loading time, Cloudways can help you making things faster than ever before. It means that you can easily run your business online using this cloud-based WordPress managed hosting.

Let’s check out more details about Cloudways web hosting.

Cloudways Web Hosting – Key Specifications

When it comes to choosing a web hosting for your business online, you first need to know about its benefits. It means that you need to confirm whether choosing a specific web hosting may benefit you or not.

But how can I know about this point?

It’s the point where you need to evaluate the features of your choosing web hosting service. Now, you need to unveil the specific features of Cloudways web hosting.

So, let’s keep digging it.

1 – Cloudways Supports E-Commerce Platforms

There are different types of ecommerce platforms. So, if you are going to choose a web hosting plan for your ecommerce site, you first need to confirm whether it supports your ecommerce platform or not.

The best part of choosing Cloudways web hosting is that it supports different types of ecommerce platforms such as woocommerce, magento and prestashop.

Whether you are going to choose WooCommerce or Magento, Cloudways offers one-click installation for your ecommerce site. Of course, you won’t like to deal with a hosting plan that you may not be able to afford.

2 – Affordable Hosting Plans

Whether you are going to choose hosting for your business or ecommerce site, you aren’t supposed to ignore one thing i.e. budget. You won’t like to go beyond your budget when it comes to choosing cloudways web hosting. That’s why you would first like to confirm whether you can afford choosing a web hosting plan of cloudways or not.

It’s another great feature of choosing cloudways as your best web hosting service. Actually, Cloudways offers different types of affordable web hosting plans. You can easily find shared, dedicated server, VPS and other options in terms of web hosting. So, you can easily find an affordable web hosting plan.

3 – Security and Customer Support

When you read Cloudways web hosting review, you shouldn’t forget knowing about the two features i.e. security and customer support. Obviously, you will never and ever like to compromise with the security of your business online. That’s why you would like to choose a web hosting that should be properly secured.

Another point that you need to keep in mind while choosing a web hosting online is the customer support. Of course, there could be different types of technical and non-technical issues that you may have to deal with. Thus, you need to choose a cloud-based managed web hosting that can offer you round the clock customer support and services. Cloudways is known for providing round the clock customer support to its clients.

Comparing Cloudways Web Hosting with Traditional Hosting

Are you still confused about deciding whether you should go with cloudways web hosting or not? If yes, then you need to compare cloudways hosting with all other traditional hosting providers in the market. Obviously, you would like to choose the best out of the best web hosting services for your business.

Therefore, comparing your Cloudways hosting with other traditional hosting options can help you making a final decision. So here in this Cloudways Web Hosting Review, you are going to compare different features of traditional hosting with Cloudways web hosting.

  • Traditional hosting is usually stored on a single server. On the other hand, Cloudways hosting is stored on various servers. Since it is stored on multiple servers, you won’t face any sort of backup or downtime issue.
  • Since your website is hosted on Cloudways hosting with multiple servers, you can easily migrate it whenever and wherever you like.
  • The best part of choosing cloudways hosting is that it can easily improve uptime because one of its servers can easily handle an emergency situation. So, there is no server down situation.

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