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Nothing beats a refreshing swim on a hot day at sea or relaxing in a therapeutic whirlpool after a long day of shopping in port. Sitting back and sipping ice beverages on your lounge chair is as delightful in our minds if you want to keep your toes dry.

Regardless of size, cruise ship pools are one of the most eye-catching features of ship architecture, and we're starting to see some new developments that make the pools more functional, enjoyable, and luxurious even if they don't seem to be getting any bigger Let's look at why that is, and no, it isn't just because cruise ship designers don't like to swim.

Pools in Nickelodeon Cruise

Nickelodeon cruises that have the best swimming pools are as follows


·         MSC Cruises

·         Disney Cruise Line

·         Carnival Cruise Line

·         Norwegian Cruise Line's

The Size Of Cruise Ship Pools

A typical domestic pool is about 20' by 40', but cruise ship pools are usually half that size, and some are much smaller. Assume the average cruise ship pool measures 10' x 20' x 5'. That's 62,241 pounds of water in 7,480.52 gallon buckets! Even a 150-cubic-foot hot tub (about 5' x 5' x 3') would weigh 9,336 pounds. The water is really thick.

This is also why you'll find that most cruise ships have only a tiny amount of deep space. However, there is a huge skirt area where people can sit or lay in the water without swimming.

Are There Any Indoor Pools On Cruise Ships?

Some cruise ships have covered pools or pools with retractable roofs, allowing the pool to be utilized even when the weather is cool or wet. Indoor thalassotherapy pools are also available in some cruise ship spas (a spa pool with mineral-heavy water and jets, supposedly good for muscle and joint pain).

Best Cruise Ships Swimming Pool

1.     Royal Caribbean's "Amplified" Pools

2.     Carnival Cruise Line's Serenity Pool

3.     Disney Cruise Line's Quiet Cove 

4.     Nickelodeon Cruise 

5.     Princess Cruises' Retreat Pool

6.     Norwegian Cruise Line's Haven Pool

7.     Royal Caribbean's Solarium Pool 

8.     Seabourn Cruises' Aft Pool

9.     MSC Cruises' Garden Pool

10.  Crystal Cruises' Seahorse Pool

Are There Lifeguards On The Pool?

Lifeguards are not usually present in cruise ship pools. Disney Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian Cruise Line are the only cruise lines that hire lifeguards.

You are in charge of your own safety, as well as the protection of your family and traveling companions. Drownings have occurred, so keep a watchful check on anyone in the pool, especially children.

How Do Cruise Lines Keep Their Swimming Pools Clean?

Researchers from the University of Alberta spent time a few years ago determining how much urine was discovered in an average swimming pool. They discovered that swimming pool water can contain as much as 0.01 percent urine after testing over 250 samples from 31 pools and hot tubs.

In large commercial pools, this adds up to a stunningly large amount. That's almost a gallon of urine in a conventional 10' x 20' x 5' cruise ship pool.

To be fair, given how frequently cruise ships empty and refill their pools with freshwater - significantly more regularly than a typical community pool - that figure is bound to be much lower.

That said, a lot of people are drinking a lot of beers and "Drink of the Day" specials, so who knows?

While there is no set schedule for how often cruise ship pools are replenished, it varies from "many times a week" to "every night." Don't worry if you're worried about sanitation or wasting clean water. When a cruise line says "saltwater pool," they really mean it.

To keep the pool safe and clean, cruise ship pool water is usually always salt water that has been treated with chlorine and/or other chemicals. Carnival Cruise Lines, for example, explains how they keep their pools safe for visitors to enjoy.

Cruise ship cleaning workers will scrub the pool surfaces to ensure there is no filth, grime, or organic buildups, in addition to just keeping the water safe. This is comparable to what you'd expect while cleaning a pool.

Overall, cruise ship pools will be among the cleanest and safest pools you'll ever swim in. The ability to interchange water on a regular basis is a significant step that would be excessively expensive and unsustainable on land.

For a ship moving across the ocean, however, it is quite simple to do so and then clean the water before returning it to the sea.

What Time Do The Pools Close?

The swimming pools on most cruise ships are open from early morning until late at night. The pools and hot tubs on some cruise lines are open late into the evening, which I particularly love. There isn't much better than going for a swim in the evening under the stars!

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