How Will Education Change In The Next 10 Years?

Education Change

I think there is going to be a huge change in the sector of education in the next few years. Such a straight opinion or the very first line, right? But what is wrong with saying what is happening? I mean the university I studied at already has futuristic technologies. Yes, technology! This factor is going to create a big change, not in just the education sector but everywhere. But trust me what is not going to change is nonstop assignments and presentations, agree? Kidding! Darn.

When a pandemic happened!

I mean, if you are a student or teacher. Or maybe anyhow related to the education sector you must have witnessed the condition of online studies during these whole two year’s lockdown. How the use of technology has increased over two years. People who do not even know how to use smartphones properly are now using certain apps on a daily basis and almost everything’s fine. Those who are weak got their training from companies as well. And look around how many innovations we got to see when everything went bad. And we used this point to buy essay online, or other assignments.

You can also get your assignments online just by searching for assignment help UK, for better honest results. The point is, although we hated the lockdown, we liked the changes it created technically.

The global epidemic showed a need to reassess how system leaders construct schools, education, and whom they put at the heart of that design in light of existing gaps and disparities.

"As a leader, I felt the balance of our work as practitioners was off in the years leading up to the epidemic," Cheatham said.

Also added, "If we had spent more time getting to know our students and staff and designing schools for them, we might not be in as much agony." I believe we're gaining an understanding of what the real labor of education takes."

The panelists expect that a widespread drive in K–12 and higher education to respect the identity and health of the whole kid will help educators build support systems that can eliminate unfairness on numerous levels in the coming years.

The Advancement of Technology!

Technology should be used to support rather than dictate the vision of educators and leaders as they build, design, and imagine the future. Educators must evaluate how to use technology appropriately as technology becomes an increasingly significant component of how we communicate and exchange ideas. When it comes to technology, I believe it should always be used to further our human goals and interests.

Brennan remarked, "We've discussed racial equity and the importance of creating relationships. Not technology, but our principles, purposes, and ambitions must lead the way."

advancement of technology

The Role Of Artificial Intelligence AI In Change!

In ten years, artificial intelligence (AI) is set to be far more prevalent in schools, but Selwyn warns teachers shouldn't treat it as if it were mystical. I mean he is right, It's basic math. employing computers to search for patterns in large amounts of data, which can then be used to generate predictions and recommend plans of action.

According to Selwyn, data collecting in schools would most likely look at students' behavior, tracking what they do through films and how they engage with their devices. AI may potentially be capable of creating information on a student's emotional states. 'A lot of people are curious about how we might infer emotion from facial recognition or other biometrics.' Then, as I mentioned, you can use that data to make decisions and predictions, as well as try to nudge kids into doing things,' he added.

So, while you're looking agitated when doing math homework, the system can try to help you find various ways to study that will help you feel less annoyed and customize your study. We'll undoubtedly have customized learning systems, according to Selwyn, that will recommend information and the best way to approach it. AI will also be employed to provide continuous feedback to the student to assist them in making better selections.

Teachers are also likely to benefit from automated grading and chatbots similar to those used by institutions in Australia. He also said that ‘Chatbots can assist students in a variety of ways, including logistical assistance and emotional support. ‘And, once again, they may react to queries by sifting through massive amounts of data from past questions.’

And of course, teachers must be trained in algorithmic literacy so that they can work alongside AI and with AI in their classrooms.

The role of teachers!

It is great to see how teachers are investing their minds fully with these changing times. I mean we should be thankful, not every teacher we know is compatible with technology but they are still trying. They deserve huge respect for this as well. Not just their efforts to learn new things but also that their style of learning they have been practicing for so long is also taking a big change.

Education is based on human connections and interactions. At this point, it is abundantly evident that the teacher's role in the school community is indispensable. I think the next several years will be determined by how much we are prepared to invest in educators and all of the supplementary school services that make learning feasible.


We are going to witness other changes as well like the education sectors going paperless totally, crazy! Right? Exam pattern is changing towards online quizzes and project-based assessments. And the best part is the experimental learning era. Oh, trust me I cannot wait for the actual learning system. The education sector will develop more courses by changing time to learn and classes will become BYOD – bring your device. Students are also predicted to hold more ownership in learning. And last but not least we can study wherever and whenever we want. Education was not restricted to classrooms and libraries before and it will become better over time in the next drastic changing years. But this is not going to be easy to accept for a lot of people. Even I like the traditional way of classroom learning and not online at all. But we like to believe that there is a solution for everything, right?

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