Heated Mattress Pads - Benefits, Tips And Top Choices In The Market

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What could be better than snuggling up in your bed under a pile of blankets on a cold winter night? How about doing the same thing, but with the added benefit of a warm mattress!

A mattress heater can help you stay cozy all winter long without sacrificing your sleep. In this blog post, we'll talk about what a mattress heater is, how it works, and some of the best models out there. Stay warm!

Heated mattress pads are basically just mattress toppers that can be installed on those mattresses which have a removable top cover. The only difference is that there are chips or electronic parts incorporated inside that allow the mattress to turn hotter or warmer to keep you toasty all night long. Plus, it's a great way to save on energy costs.

The question is, what makes a heated mattress pad an ideal choice? Well, it not only saves you from chilling winters but also has lots of health benefits such as:

1. Useful in alleviating Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a disease characterized by chronic pain in the different parts of the body, particularly the muscles. One of the best ways to ease the pain is to apply heated treatments to the affected areas. But since Fibromyalgia is a condition that happens in every part of the body, it will be inconvenient to apply heated towels to your body parts.

A heated mattress topper is one of the best solutions. According to the research, heat is fundamental to pain sufferers. It helps relieve stiffness and soreness in muscles and reduces inflammation.

For this reason, heated pads are also ideal for arthritis, muscle pain and back pain sufferers.

2. It enhances flexibility and circulation.

Sometimes our blood slows down in its distribution while sleeping. Because of that, pressure sores develop. The solution to these problems is none other than the heated bedding pad. It helps in lessen muscle aches and alleviate pressure points so you can move on your bed effortlessly.

3. Reduces dust mites and allergies.

Dust mites and most microorganisms thrive in a very humid environment. Studies have found that electric heated mattresses can reduce dust mites accumulation.

How To Find A Good Heated Mattress Pad - Top Tips!

After discussing the benefits of using heated pads, it is time to know some buying tips that can help you get a good electric mattress pad. Have a look!

1. Get the right size of the electric mattress pad. Ensure it has the same size as your current mattress so that it can fit effortlessly.

2. The next thing is the power source that you should consider. There are different types of heated pads, and they utilize different power sources. Some can run in 14-18 volts. Make sure you know the power source so you can plug the outlet into the right socket and prevent mishaps.

3. The wiring should be carefully embedded inside the pad away from your notice. The wires should not stick out or scrumple when you lie on the mattress.

Try to buy a mattress pad with detachable wiring and a heating element so you can safely clean the electric mattress pad.

4. Ensure that the heating element will heat the pad properly. Some heating elements do not effectively heat all the parts of the mattress. As a result, some parts are chilly and do not offer adequate comfort.

Which Heated Mattress Pads Are Worth Buying?

The following are some of the top choices in the market today:

1. Sunbeam Heated Electric Mattress

This is perhaps the best-rated mattress pad in the market. Customers like its appearance because it very much looks like an ordinary pad. When you use it, you can’t feel the wires inside it.

It heats the body effectively. There are no cold spots.

2. Soft Heat Warming Mattress Pad

The pad is soft, and the wires are unnoticeable. Customers also love its multiple heating setting features, which enables them to tweak the settings to the right level that they want.

3. Biddeford Electric Warming Heated Pad

This is one of the most durable heated pads on the market. A plethora of individuals like how easy it is to use. It works significantly better than a heated blanket because the heat is under your body, and it insulates your body if you are using a blanket. It is ideal for alleviating pressure sores and muscle pains.

4. Electro Warmth Heated Mattress Pad With 10 Warming Settings

It's a mattress warmer for those who like to sleep well. The Heated Mattress Pad comes with 10 warming settings to provide personalized comfort. The controller can automatically shut down in case of excessive temperature through the overheating protection function or failure. The surface of the electric mattress pad is made of premium, high-quality materials.

I hope you find this article useful, and to know more about these mattresses heaters, stay tuned!

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