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Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management has gained immense popularity in the last couple of decades, thanks to the huge success of business globalization. All across the world, what we have witnessed is the exponential growth of this industry. This has coincided with the emergence of various companies operating from different locations across the planet. Certainly, the global business has experienced a major spike, however, what came as a boon for professionals is the deluge of job opportunities. Today, lakhs of professionals are finding shelter under the roof of the supply chain to take their careers to the next level.

In order to enter the domain and make a prosperous career, the best way is to attend a supply chain management course online. Such courses are offered by various institutes across India. The impact of these programs has already started to be felt, with the value of the supply chain industry expected to grow 100% in the next 5 years. Leaving these arguments aside, if you are aiming to enter the huge market of supply chain management, start considering attending a supply chain management online course .

Reasons for joining Supply Chain Management Certification Online:

  • The abundance of career opportunities

Supply chain management is one of the most career-friendly fields. Since the whole world is getting interconnected, the supply chain and logistics is the one industry that has seen exponential growth in the last few years. Almost every company in the world needs the supply chain in some way or the other, offering a horde of career options to professionals. Thus, after completing the supply chain management certification online, you will have an abundance of job opportunities. In addition, there is a great scope for advancement, subject to experience and qualification.

  • Relatively high pay

Various market gurus have predicted that the average salary of professionals in the supply chain sector will be among the highest-paid in the world. Even now, they are paid relatively more than what employees of other fields are getting. Talking about the stats, the average salary of a supply chain manager in India is about 13 lakh per year, as of December 2021. In the United States, this number is $76,283 per annum.

  • Low barrier to entry in the supply chain industry

One of the biggest challenges in front of aspiring professionals is their entry into a job field since companies prefer candidates with a management degree or some work experience in related sectors. However, this may not be an issue with the supply chain industry. You can score high-paying work with a supply chain management certification online from an esteemed institute. After graduation, if you aspire to make a career in the industry, sign up for an online SCM course through Talentedge — India’s leading ed-tech firm.

  • Development of transferable skills

Skills acquired while attending a supply chain management certification online are highly transferable. Many candidates make a career in supply chain and logistics management, while a big number belongs to those who move into other fields. Some of the key supply chain manager’s skills are decision-making, budget management, better communication, data analytics, project management, etc. These skills can be transferred into other domains and you can make a successful career wherever you want.

  • Location-specific job availability

In large and developing countries such as India, China, etc., getting a job in the local town is very difficult. However, the expansion of the supply chain has made it possible to a great extent. Since the process of supply chain and logistics development requires connecting every village and town, jobs are available in peripheries as well. If you don’t like traveling far from your hometown for jobs, it is advised to attend a supply chain management certification online and make a blistering career.

In this fast-moving world, supply chain has been playing a central part in the economies around the globe. In India, the supply chain market is estimated somewhere around $215 billion and is growing at a CAGR of 10 percent. Hence, the supply chain is offering limitless opportunities to the youngsters in India who aspire to work in the exponentially growing industry.

Above and beyond, opting for a supply chain management course online ensures betterment in your knowledge and skills without you having to quit your current job.

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