Plan A Virtual Birthday For Your Husband

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This work pressure has changed the dimension of relationships. When you and your husband bother are working, it becomes very difficult for the two of you to manage time for each other. Especially if you both are from the corporate world and it demands you to keep constantly travelling for meetings, there are chances that your entire relationship is based on the digital platform.

Right from expressing the simplest of emotions to celebrating essential festivals and special days, if you both have been managing to do it virtually, here are some of the ideas that you can choose from to plan a virtual birthday for your husband. Though it would not feel the same but now that you both have managed to be fine with the newer normal, here are some ideas:

Get in touch with the hotel staff:

If your husband is constantly travelling, you need to keep yourself informed about the place he will be staying. Also, for a birthday surprise that needs to be unfolded in your absence, you need to ensure that you get in touch with the hotel staff. Though most of the time, the hotels staffs are supportive about such celebrations. Still, you need to be sure if they actually are, and if they do, you need to talk to the right person regarding it.

Books the cake in the city:

It can be tricky to order a cake and get it delivered to a hotel in an unknown town. You need to do all of it online, and that too according to the time. You will have to be sure of your husband's schedule so that when the cake gets delivered to the hotel, he is present there. Also, do proper research on all the good online cake delivery places in the city to avoid any mishappenings.

Leave a note before the celebration: 

Amidst all this, you cannot forget that your husband is in a different city for work, and he needs to be informed about anything like this. If not informed you need to give him an idea about it. So, on his birthday, you can push the celebration to evening, and in the morning, you can order flowers online and get them delivered to his room with a note on it where you can ask him to stay prepared for the evening.

Special dinner: 

if the hotel allows you to order your husband’s favourite food for the night from some other place famous for the particular dish. He can end the day on an excellent tasty note.

Final Thoughts

Thus, even if it seems difficult if you really wish to make your husband feel at home even when you cannot accompany him to the other city, the ideas mentioned above can be of great help to you. If you wish, you can choose any one of them or else you can plan the entire day following all the points step by step. This way, you can make it a big day for him.

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