How To Protect Your Child From The Stranger Online

FamilyTime android parental control app

Does your child have a creepy internet friend they won’t stay away from no matter what you say or do? Is there a relative that you suspect is a bad influence on your child? Is your tween becoming friends with a bully and modifying their habits in a way you do not like?

Good News-you can now find out and limit their interactions with the help of android parental control apps.

Surrender Control

The first thing you need to understand, and this may be hard to acknowledge as a parent, is the fact that they are separate individuals with their own sets of beliefs and feelings. You cannot control every action they take, especially when it comes to teenagers.

Teens are excited to go out into the world and explore it without the filter of their parent’s protection. Their excitement is justified. They would soon be living in a place of their own, on their own or sharing with someone, having a personal income, and looking ahead at the mountains to conquer.

Establish Authority

Leaving them little to no personal space amid this energy of excitement and anticipation can be a bit much for them to take. Being provided with little to no privacy would inadvertently cause them to act out. A teenager burning in the fire of rebellion is likely to take any action that would bring about dire consequences, without realizing it.

Therefore, as a parent, it is important to establish authority but at the same time make sure they do not feel suffocated by the high walls of rules and regulations closing in on them.

Be authoritative but also be flexible. This way, when you advise your children not to do something, they would know better than to plot against your directions.

Talk to Them Like a Friend

Talk to your child gently, kindly, and empathetically.

Whatever they tell you, listen. If you do not pay attention to what they say today then you will have no one but yourself to blame later when they become secretive and do not respond to your questions.

Talk to your children like you would talk to a friend. Be nice to them.

Treat Them Gently

Share things with them.

Take their advice on a matter or two, even if it's something as small as which outfit you should wear for the day or which shoes to put on. Take their advice and act accordingly.

Let them know their opinion matters to you. Hear them out. Discuss. Even if it's an episode of Tom & Jerry they want to talk about, listen, speak, discuss. Become your tween’s best friend so they know they have a friend in you even when they grow up.

No matter how upset a situation makes you, try to remain calm.

Address your child politely no matter what they have done. Explain their mistake to them in a calm and collected manner, then ground them or punish them however you like except for incorporeal form.

Do not hit your tween. Ever.

Have a Conversation with them about Digital Security

Tell them about identity theft.

Teach them about the dangers of online recklessness, especially when it comes to teenagers. Make sure they know about hackers and the dangers of sharing too much online.

Provide them with safe surfing options.

Use a Parental Control App

If your tween or child is younger than the age of consent and the age of comprehension of the aforementioned concepts, you can make their decisions for them by enabling safe search options, as well as setting alerts on your device for whenever a suspicious or blocked account holder attempts to contact your child. If you are wondering how to do this, fret no more for it is possible using FamilyTime android parental control app.

It is also necessary at the same time to make sure that your children know they have your complete trust and confidence but the safe drive limit or the screen time limit or even the geofencing is only for their safety and your contentment.

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