Public Limited Company Registration

Public Limited Company Registration

Public Limited Company Registration in India can be started with at least three Directors who are people (up to 15 chiefs without Special Resolution), and seven endorsers (investors) who might be Individuals or corporate substances.

Both the chiefs and endorsers might be a similar individual. The Companies Act 2013 doesn't draw any base capital line, so the base capital can even be Re 1 for every investor. A public restricted organisation has highlights like a separate legitimate element which empowers it to be unmistakable from its individuals and chiefs.

The individuals hold a restricted risk in the organisation and can't be held obligated past the offers held by them.

Public Company Registration is started basically if the investors/financial backers are enormous in number. The portions of a public restricted organization can be moved easily and guarantee a reasonable design for raising capital.

Prior to starting enrollment of a public organisation, one should know about more tough administrative prerequisites when contrasted with other corporate element structures.


Restricted Liability and Separate Legal Entity

Risk of the investors of a public organisation is confined to the capital put resources into the organisation, and subsequently investors are not by and by obligated. It is a lawful element which is particular from its investors and chiefs. It can possess resources and liabilities in its own name.

Thorough Compliance Structure

A public restricted organisation has a thorough construction of rules and guidelines to be kept, for example arrangements of Companies Act 2013, posting understanding (for recorded organisations), alongside warnings, booklets, and orders given by the public authority every once in a while.

Capital Intensive

Public Limited Company enlistment is started essentially in the event that the capital contributed is colossal or on the other hand assuming the quantity of investors is huge. Since the venture is unveiled open to the general, such construction requires severe consistency with the executive.

Liked for Investment

Portions of a public restricted organization can be exchanged openly by the investors, and surprisingly web-based exchanging is workable for recorded organizations. A public restricted organization is liked by both retail and institutional financial backers for speculation, because of the simple accessibility and adaptability of offers.


  • At least 3 Directors and a limit of 15 with next to no extra consistency. (Something like one chief ought to be Resident in India).
  • Minimum seven investors and no restriction on most extreme no. of investors. (Chief and investor can be similar people).
  • Two to Four proposed interesting names for the name reservation of the Company
  • Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) of the investors and the Directors of the Company.Details of the reason to be enrolled as the Registered Office of the proposed public organization alongside the confirmation of proprietorship,
  • NOC from the proprietor for such utilization of reason and a service bill for the sake of the proprietor not more seasoned than two months.
  • Self-authenticated verification of Identity and address of the investors and the Directors of the proposed public Company alongside their PAN Card, Aadhar Card, and visa size shading photograph in jpeg design.


1. Name application through SPICE + PART A.

Two names for the proposed Company, in the request for inclination, are applied online through SPICEs Part A.

2. DSC (Digital mark Certificate) readiness

Documentation and Certification for DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) is applied with the pertinent specialists.

3. Readiness and E-Filing for Incorporation

An internet-based application for the enrollment of a Public organization is documented in SPICEs Part B, along with SPICEs MOA, SPICE+ AOA, Agile Pro, and INC-9.

4. Get a Certificate of Incorporation

As the application gets endorsed, COI, PAN, TAN, EPF, and ESIC Registration numbers get dispensed for the sake of the Public Company.

Why should you form a Public Limited Company?

Separate Legal Entity

Public Limited Company partakes in the advantage of Separate Legal Identity according to the law which plainly expresses that resources and liabilities of the business are not the resources and liabilities of the Directors.

Constructs Credibility

All the data connecting with the organization are made accessible in a public data set. This element makes it simple to confirm the presence of the business that eventually helps in further developing business validity.

Simple Transfer

Portions of the public restricted organization are bought and sold in a stock trade market. They are openly adaptable between the individuals and individuals exchanging the stock trade.

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