8 Refreshing Tips To Stay Focused And Productive While Working From Home

organize your home office

Ask people who have experienced working inside an office or on the field who also experienced working from home, “Which of the two work settings do you prefer?” Expect the majority of them to say that it’s the latter, that they prefer doing their job at home rather than in the company building, than elsewhere.

For real, nobody can deny that working from home is so much better than leaving the house to work outside. Comparably, safety and security are more guaranteed at home. Convenience is there! There’s no need to travel to work, no need to struggle with daily commuting, no need to dress up a lot. Outdoor expenses are lessened since you can just cook meals at home instead of ordering food or going to a restaurant. You have more energy too because long, heavy road traffic doesn’t drain your battery.

It’s like life’s burdens are softened when you are working from home, and it’s just something to be grateful for. Although it’s also not a perfect work setting, working from home is surely advantageous. That’s why along with your thankfulness that it has been ‘invented’, make the most out of your work-from-home occupation by doing your best and creating worthwhile results! Prove to your bosses and even to your workmates that the comforts of your home doesn’t make you lazy but even more efficient!

Check out these 8 refreshing tips to stay focused and productive while working from home.

1 - Clean and organize your home office.

designated space

When you already have a designated space or room at home that you use as your home office, make sure to clean and sanitize it well. Make it fragrant and beautiful. A workspace that looks nice and smells nice will make you feel nice. You will be comfortable and hushed in a tidy work area.

Importantly, organize your work zone. All the things you need for working must be found there and must be arranged properly, so that you can utilize them without hassle. Your PC or laptop should have a peaceful setup, so that you can use it without problem.

Install some shelves and racks on the walls to store books, notebooks, folders and other files. As much as possible, choose a vertical storage design to save floor space, so you can move freely and safely around your workstation.

2 - Have a table and a chair efficient for working.

chair efficient for working

This is automatic, but many fail to prioritize it when creating their home office, leading to unproductivity and slackness. Have a table and a chair that’s efficient for working. Their dimensions must be perfect for you, considering eye level, body conditions and work nature. Choose a table that’s as wide as needed for your tasks. Choose a chair that’s comfortable but not too comfortable, so you can feel cozy while not being lazy!

3 - Write plans and to-do lists.

planner notebook

Before you start working from home, write plans and to-do lists. To be informed and reminded of the number and weight of your must-do’s for the day, week or month, write them down yourself. Also include the steps you will take to accomplish them successfully on or before the due date. Highlight the priority tasks, those urgently needed, so you can avoid cramming and submitting work that’s less than your best.

Aside from having a planner notebook, sticking these to-do lists and goals to a pegboard or just to the wall in front of your work zone will help you stay focused! Literally seeing your checklist will motivate you to move quickly but surely. It also feels fulfilling to tick out those you’re already done with and to see the list getting completed little by little.

4 - Put your cell phone on silent mode, or turn the social media notifications off.

social media notifications off

Everyone knows that nowadays, cell phones and social media are no longer just a want but a need. They are necessary for work too, especially when working from home. Nonetheless, it’s also true that they can cause distractions to you. Instead of being able to finish your work early, you don’t because of endless scrolling through your social media timelines.

To avoid interruptions, put your cell phone on silent mode, or turn the notifications off. If you don’t use and need your phone for work, and if you’re not waiting for an important call, best if you will just keep it silent. In that way, messages that are unimportant at the moment will not steal your attention and time.

On the other hand, if you cannot turn the Wi-Fi off and cannot switch the silent mode on, turn the social media notifications off instead. You can check them later after work or during break time, but while working from home, set aside your cell phone unless urgently needed.

5 - As much as possible, do not multitask.

do not multitask

Multitasking is effective for some but not for all. If you are not part of the ‘some’, as much as possible, do not multitask.

Though multitasking is a skillful way of doing and finishing duties, some people tend to get poor results from each of the tasks they do simultaneously. Since they have their focus distributed to many things, they cannot wholly focus on each of those. Instead of being able to give their very best per assignment, they can only give average or poor outputs.

If multitasking is not for you, don’t do it. Take each project one at a time.

6 - Exercise.

exercise equipment

Working from home is healthful in such a way that you are able to allot some time for exercise. You know it, when you go to the office everyday, you cannot exercise besides walking from the bus stop to the company’s building. You have unused exercise equipment and workout clothing. Your body becomes physically inactive, and this is a common issue of many office workers.

Since you are working from home, maximize your chance to get healthier and fitter. Exercise, and sweat off! Before you work in the morning or after your work in the afternoon or evening, go for a walk, bicycle ride, jog outdoors, or do dance exercises or stretching indoors.

Do this, and you will feel refreshed, recharged and ready for another working day!

7 - Be inspired by books and movies.

books and movies

Just because you’re working from home does not mean you cannot have time for leisure and entertainment at home too. Being inspired and driven is important because it’s so easy to lose focus and motivation while working from home. Even when you’re just at home as you work, it’s actually draining because the house that’s supposed to be your resting place becomes your workplace too. That’s true.

Read books. Watch movies. It’s okay! Take breaks. Relax. Your mind needs a breather. You cannot just keep on working and working and working! When you’re not inspired by the work itself, get inspired by your interests and hobbies. Do this, and you’ll be energized again once you get back to your working chair.

8 - Eat on time, and eat snacks for breaks.

eat snacks for breaks

Last but not the least, keep your focus and productivity by eating on time. Don’t skip meals! People working from home have a high tendency of skipping meals, and bosses don’t even know that! Why do they skip? Because when you’re working from home, the kitchen is present and is nearer, yet it feels far. That means people feel like it’s fine to eat a little later because the food is just right there, however, it’s unhealthy.

Monitor the time. Eat completely and healthily. Eat snacks for breaks. Hydrate yourself. Remember, your brain and body function effectively with food in your tummy.



The major boulders that block productivity from the work-from-home setup are the distractions that exist and the laziness that people feel being in their comfort zone. It’s relatable!

To take them out of the way, follow the tips written above, so you can concentrate better and yield more impressive results while you are working from home! In and out of the office, show them the best you can give and the best you deserve!


About The Author: Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She also writes for Fitbiz Exercise Equipment, an excellent source of the ultimate fitness equipment collections in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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