What Is A Focus Keyword?

A focus keyword is a key phrase or keyword you are focusing on. Focus your content around to rank it on Google. Let's say we want to write an article about email marketing best practices.

The search term you want to rank your page or post in search engines is the focus keyword. Search engines will most likely search for the phrase or keyword you are targeting to find you.

Focus Keyword

Selecting a Focus Keyword

    • To find the best keywords, it is important to conduct keyword research right focus keyword. This will help you drive more organic traffic. You can use the keyword guide to help with keyword research.
    • Once you have chosen the keywords you want to target, you can search for their search volume.
    • Targeting keywords or keywords with low search volumes will not be helpful if the keyword isn't popular. It will not help.
    • It isn't easy to find a keyword that will work on most websites.
    • SEO Focus Keywords: Their Usefulness and Importance Your off-page SEO should focus on a topic if you want to rank a page or site for a keyphrase. You will have the best chance to rank if you create unique, informative, and focused content.
    • On-page SEO combines strategies and tactics that you use to optimize pages and posts for search engines to bring in more traffic. This guide will assist in finding the best places for your primary keyword.
    • The best way to rank is to ensure that all of your on-page SEO best practices are linked to your focus keyword or key phrase. It's easy to find out if you are following the correct on-page strategies.

How to choose your primary keyword focus?

Your primary keyword automatically becomes the first keyword you focus on. In front is the star icon that denotes your primary focus keyword.

The primary keyword that you focus on should be more people search for. Only then can your content around this keyword rank high for that search term.

Focus Keyword Example & Tutorial

The email marketing best practices illustration is great, but let's look at each step involved in finding and using a specific keyword.

1. Keyword Research

First, you do a little keyword research. There are many keyword research tools available. Any one of the paid or free keyword research tools can be used.

2. All-in-One SEO

The best All in One SEO Word Press plug in is the toolkit. It is now easier for site owners to create an SEO-friendly webpage. To boost your search engine rankings, use All-in-one SEO.

This plugin makes it possible to:

    • Local SEO
    • Woo Commerce SEO
    • SEO on-page
    • Sitemaps XML
    • Rich snippets schema

3. Input Your Focus Keyphrase

Enter your focus keyword once you've written your page content or post content. You can add any key phrases to the page or post content.

4. Optimize your Content for Focus Keywords

It is important to analyze the content of posts to optimize them for your focus keyword. Below the focus keyword field, you will find the Basic SEO section.

5. Get suggested updates in SEO

To improve your content and optimize your optimization, make suggestions based on your focus keyphrase.

6. Google Trends for Focus Keywords

Google Trends lets users see how keywords have changed in time. The Google Trends screen will pull up a graph that shows the trends of keywords if you've already added them to your search terms.

7. Google Auto complete Keyword Suggestions

Google Auto complete will help you find more relevant keywords for your content. Enter a phrase in the Focus Keywords box to get keyword suggestions. These suggestions should not be considered as a substitute for keyword research. You must consider the search volume of selected keywords and their difficulty to ensure that your content ranks for those keywords.


The keyword/phrase you select to focus on your content's focus keyword (or key phrase) is called a focus keyword. It will rank higher in Google if it is a keyword or phrase. For example, let's suppose you write an article about email marketing best practices. Use focus keywords in your content. These suggestions should not be used as a guideline for increasing your chances of ranking.

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