5 Best GNC Supplements To Include In Your Fitness Routine For Optimal Muscle Health

GNC protein

A lot of people take the resolution of getting fit in the New Year. But as time progresses, their motivation deteriorates and fitness takes a back seat. This time don’t let this happen. Make fitness a priority and a lifestyle choice. When you start your fitness journey, one of the most common advices that people give you is to include a whey protein supplement in your routine. A lot of people blindly start following trends and start taking whey protein. Everyone’s body is different and so are their fitness goals. There can be chances that you might not need a GNC protein and instead a weight gainer supplement would be more beneficial for you.

It is important to realize that in your fitness journey you cannot overlook the importance of muscle growth and development. There are various kinds of GNC supplements for muscle health available. It is best that you consult your doctor and listen to your trainer when it comes to choosing the best fitness supplement for you. Some of the main benefits of muscle health supplements like GNC protein are – boost immunity, help build lean muscle mass, reduce muscle soreness and fatigue especially after intense workouts, and support post workout recovery.

Find out more about the 5 top selling GNC supplements to develop and strengthen your muscle health.

1. GNC Pro Performance AMP Gold Series Ultra Rush

If you are looking for a GNC supplement to develop muscle health, then definitely check out GNC Pro Performance AMP Gold Series Ultra Rush. It is a topquality pre-workout for better energy and performance. It has a special power & performance matrix to promote muscle strength and endurance, and has N.O. pump accelerator to promote blood circulation and energy.

Some of the main benefits of this GNC supplement are – boosts energy, improves mental focus to achieve optimal physical performance, enhances strength and endurance, and reduce muscle soreness to sustain longer training sessions. It is available in 3 flavors – blueberry, watermelon, and fruit punch. It is ideal for those who do intense exercise, for athletes who want to maximize their workout, and for those who do intense training like weight lifting. Just add one scoop in 300 ml cold water and make a smooth shake. You can also have it non-training days for best results.

2. GNC Pro Performance 100% Whey Protein

If there is one whey protein supplement that you must include in your fitness routine, it has to be the top selling one by GNC – Pro Performance 100% whey protein. It is the whey protein for every fitness need. It is a high-quality protein formula that is enriched with all 9 essential amino acids that are needed by the body. Each serving provides 24 g muscle building protein and 5.5 g naturally occurring BCAAs. It is gluten free and has zero added sugar.

It is available in 4 amazing flavors – vanilla, chocolate fudge, strawberry, and chocolate supreme. Some of the main benefits of this GNC protein are – supports healthy metabolism, has the goodness of digestive enzymes for better digestion and quick absorption in the body, reduces muscle cramps and fatigue, helps build lean muscles, and supports quick post workout. The best part about this GNC protein is that it gets mixed instantly and tastes amazing.

3. GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainer

Next on the list is a weight gainer supplement that’ll help you gain weight in a healthy manner and also improve muscle strength. It is GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainer. A lot of people have the fitness goal to gain weight and in doing so you cannot just rely on your diet. To get the daily dose of extra calories and nutrients to put on muscle mass without adding extra fat to your body, you need a special GNC supplement which is a weight gainer. It is enriched with BCAAs to reduce muscle breakdown after intense workout sessions and amino acids provide sustained energy. GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainer is a unisex formula which gets mixed instantly and tastes great.

This GNC weight gainer supplement is available in 3 delectable flavors – dark chocolate, double chocolate, and vanilla ice-cream. Each serving of 3 heaped scoops provides 2200 calories, 440 g carbohydrates, and 73 g muscle building protein. Add 4 scoops of GNC weight gainer in 16 oz cold water or any other beverage to make a smooth shake. You can also blend it with fruits and flavored yogurt to make a delicious and healthy smoothie.

4. GNC AMP Gold Series 100% whey protein advanced

Looking for a whey protein supplement that’s ideal for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level athletes? GNC AMP Gold Series 100% whey protein advanced is a great option. It is an advanced formula that has the goodness of all three kinds of whey protein – whey protein concentrate, whey protein hydrolyzed, and whey protein isolate. The main benefits are – it fuels muscle synthesis, improves fatigue threshold, assists in speedy post workout recovery, and helps build lean muscle mass.

Each serving provides 24 g high quality muscle building protein, 5.5 g BCAAs for prevent muscle breakdown, 4 g glutamine and glutamine precursor to enhance muscle recovery process, and 100 mg digestive enzymes for better digestion and quick absorption. You can choose from 3 flavors – delicious strawberry, vanilla, and double rich chocolate. Just add 1 scoop of this GNC protein to 180 – 240 ml chilled water or milk to make a smooth shake. You can have it early morning, in-between meals, or post workout. GNC AMP Gold Series 100% Whey Protein Advanced is World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Approved and Informed Choice Certified. Products bearing these logos have been tested for banned substances.

5. GNC Pro performance Bulk 1340

GNC Pro Performance Bulk 1340 is a high quality protein rich supplement that helps increase overall size and body strength. It is a scientific weight gainer that contains 1340 nutrient dense calories. Each serving of 4 heaped scoops provides 50 g muscle building protein, and 11 g BCAAs. GNC Pro Performance Bulk 1340 is available in 2 classic flavors – chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

Some of the main benefits of this GNC supplement are – it is enriched with BCAAs that help reduce muscle breakdown especially after intense workout sessions, supports overall wellness, helps with muscle building and growth, has the goodness of glutamine which helps maintain a positive immune balance and supports muscle function as well. It is ideal for weight lifters, athletes, body builders, and those looking to improve one’s muscle mass and strength.

Buy all these muscle building GNC supplements and the complete range of GNC protein on the official website – www.guardian.in. GNC is a well-known brand the world over and has been the market leaders in wellness and fitness supplements for over 85 years. Before including any new whey protein or other GNC supplement in your fitness routine, make sure to consult your doctor. Also read the dosage instructions mentioned on each pack carefully. Do not consume excess amount as it may cause side effects or trigger allergic reactions.

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