Avast Antivirus vs Windows Defender Which One Is Best

Avast and Windows Defender

Every computer needs a software program to protect the computer and its contents from a virus or malware attack. And these antivirus programs have become very important as the lives of people are connected with the internet these days and the internet is not the safest place. People have been storing their important data and documents on their computers and that is why everyone is in need of antivirus software.

A strong antivirus program will save your computer from harm and protect it from any virus and bug that wants an entry into your files. While malware attacks have seen a significant drop, ransomware attacks have reached new heights and are creating difficulties for people.

Now, people are also confused about which antivirus program to select for their computers. There are many programs like Norton, Avast and others available but to choose the best among them is a very serious question. Overall, many people have picked Norton as their preferred choice but the other antivirus programs are no less. So in this blog of ours, we are going to compare and contrast the town bets antivirus programs, Windows Defender and Avast to see which one of them is the best and which one you can choose.

In-Depth Comparison of Avast and Windows Defender

Even if Norton is a software desired by many people, these two antivirus programs are not any less. The windows defender and Avast both have wonderful features and security measures that protect your computers against viruses. Many Windows users do say that the Avast not working Windows 10 but, it is not a very serious problem, one which you can learn how to resolve after reading further in the blog.

We are going to compare the two software programs on different parameters so, let’s start.

1. Characteristics

  • Windows Defender

One of the best features of windows defender is that it comes in-built in all the Windows operating systems. You may not be able to uninstall the program but it will shut down once you download any other software for protection against the virus. The software regularly scans the files and data on the computer to detect and worry and then automatically resolves it. It also provided you protection against faulty network connections. This program also has the feature of parental control which will help you in monitoring the activities of your child so that he/she doesn’t see any inappropriate content.

  • Avast Free Antivirus

As the name says, this antivirus program is completely free, unlike the Norton antivirus software. It blocks all the viruses and ransomware that dare to harm your computer and also provides a secure connection. Along with the free version, there are premium offers too which will give you heightened features to safeguard your computer. The program has many other features like the Sandbox, which runs suspicious files without harming other folders and provides a VPN utility.

Winner: Avast

2. Protection against Malware

Protection against malware attacks is the basic function of any antivirus program. And the test results for this are conducted by labs and institutes that check the functioning of any antivirus program. There were three categories on which these antivirus programs were tested: Performance, Protection and Usability.

Both Avast and Windows Defender scored a perfect score of 6 in the protection field. This proves that both the programs have excellent anti-malware features and can prevent them from entering your computers. In the other categories too, Avast and Windows Defender seemed at a tie as one is not less than the other. Not only from one lab but other labs and institutes too, Windows Defender and Avast have shown great results. So, you should know that both of these programs will protect your computers against any malware attack.

Winner: Tie

3. System Performance

Any antivirus program that hampers the working of your computer is definitely not good software and can be quite frustrating too. Good software is that which works well without proving to be incompatible and inconvenient for the operating system of the computer. For the scores of this too, we are going to look at the test evaluations submitted by many labs and institutes in January 2021. Even if many people complain that the avast firewall won’t turn on windows 10, you will be surprised to know that Avast has scored a perfect 6 in this evaluation. The same goes for Windows Defender as it has also clichéd a score of 6 in the test. But, the advanced test shows Avast Antivirus as the better performing software in comparison to Windows Defender.

Winner: Avast

4. User-Friendliness

Another characteristic for any antivirus software to be considered good is its user-friendliness and how well its interface is understandable by people. We have compared both the interfaces and have reached the conclusion that Avast has a good interface overall that gives its customer a good experience.

Even though Windows Defender has a clean and aesthetic interface, you need to pass many stops before reaching the actual security centre of the program. On the other hand, Avast has a very simple interface that can be worked by anyone even those who are not well-versed with computer knowledge. The simple red and green checkmark on the homepage of the software indicates the current status of your computer and its functions.

Winner: Avast


Now, we are sure that you have the answer to the question of which antivirus program is better and can benefit you the most.

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