Out of the Box Ideas to Host Virtual Convocation

Host Virtual Convocation

Glimpsing this pandemic situation, it will be impossible to celebrate your convocation face to face with your friends and family. So, it's better you take the virtual route to create a virtual convocation event for the 2022 graduates.

A virtual graduation convocation celebration is an event to celebrate graduation day with more fun and entertainment from your homes. Digital events are the best alternative for a more in-person meeting and celebration experience in this pandemic time. The adequate and advanced real-time components can make the experience more real.

You can create a virtual event for everyone skillfully, whether the celebration is for high school, college, or graduate school students. All you need is a better idea, creativity, and perfect planning. Just start with organizing a virtual convocation event that you & other graduates should never forget.

No need to dress up in a cap! You can attend the convocation celebration by wearing your pajamas and sitting at your house. All you need is an idea to get started, right?

So, here is a complete list that you must consider once before finalizing points that you will cover in your virtual graduation ceremony. Let’s have a glance.

10 Ideas to Help You Host a Memorable Virtual Convocation!

This list of ideas can be helpful for you to plan a unique virtual ceremony.

1. Include A Celebrity or Special Guest

As per the decided budget, you can invite a celebrity or a special guest that can be a great surprise for all the students. Just think of a person that can make the students really honored to meet. For instance, you can think of an author, actor, actress, singer, or any famous personality. You can ask for a pre-recorded video or live interaction at the meeting. Prepare a personalized speech or greeting for every student and let the special guest say it for every student.

2. Include Real-Time Illustrations

You can create some visual illusions in the background to give a better experience to all the participants of your virtual graduation ceremony. It can be a spaceship, galaxy, or other places. You can offer the students their own choice to choose the visual they desire to see during the virtual ceremony. This idea also looks good if you have a costume theme for the party or ceremony.

3. Include Fun Live Games And Competitions

You can include gamification as it can be the best way to engage graduate students. It will help the students play various fun games with their friends online and enjoy the celebration to the fullest. Also, you can create a game competition for them to make it more fun and exciting. Decide on a small gift or award for the winner to make it more competitive.

4. Include Entertainment Options

A celebration is always incomplete without dance, comedy, and other performances. So, you can try to prepare and add on some entertaining activities in your convocation ceremony. You can make the virtual graduation ceremony entertaining by adding a few dance performances, comedy shows, or other stand-ups. These concerts can help you engage the students with entertainment.

5. Include Pre Recorded Loved One's Videos

You can approach the tutors, professors, other college staff, or students' families to create a video congratulating the students for completing their graduation. It will give a more personal feel and heart-touching to all the students. Make sure that you get videos for everyone and make them available to all the students so that they can see these videos and feel happier on graduation day.

6. Include Giveaways & Prizes

You can send a few gifts or giveaway prices to every student at their home or share some beautiful notes and tags via a virtual platform. Make every student's name tag or notes displayed on the banner with encouraging and motivating lines so that every student can see them. Also, you can come up with creative tags and ask for a live audience poll and give the award as per the votes.

7. Include A Virtual Campus Tour

Students must be missing their school or college campus already. They are even going to miss it more in the future, as there are a lot of memories of students. So, you can also create a virtual campus tour for the students so that they can remember all their good and bad memories of their college time. You can add some songs or voiceovers to make it more touchy. Ask 2-4 students to create some lines on the various places at your campus and collaborate with the tour.

8. Include A Virtual Convocation Dinner Party

During such a pandemic time, students will not be able to celebrate their graduation day with a party. So, you can also choose nighttime with great food and songs to make this day more memorable for the students. A virtual party experience can give the students more fun and entertaining goodbye. You can add on some custom themes or sessions & activities to play with the students. Also, you can create separate rooms for various activities so that students can enter the one they desire.

9. Include a Speaker For Personal Commencement

The virtual graduation ceremony is incomplete without a personal commencement. You can make this small speech a part of your virtual event. Prepare a personal speech for every student to make them feel special and motivated to start their future life better. Also, you can ask their favorite professors to make this speech to share something more appraisal and motivate for all the students’ future.

10. Include a Selfie Photo Booth

No party or function is complete unless you take selfies or photos; that’s why you should create a selfie photo booth so that students can take photos with each other virtually to remember this memorable day in the future. You can provide different virtual backgrounds for the students that can make taking photos more fun for them.

So, these are the various ideas to host virtual convocation and conduct a better graduation day for all the students. Choose a platform wisely to make virtual event management more effortless. Hope, you will find this article beneficial in organizing the best virtual graduation day.

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