Top 10 Instructional Design Courses in India


Instructional Design Courses in India

Are you interested in pursuing a career as an instructional designer? Do you believe you can provide others with a positive learning experience? Do you wish to create materials for training courses?

Learning tactics are increasing every day in this current era of digitization, and enrolling in an instructional design course in India will assist your learning strategies to reach your target audience. Courses in instructional design assist you in more efficiently developing training programs. As a result, any individual's productivity improves.

What is Instructional Design?

Instructional Design refers to the process of creating well-organized learning information by combining goals, relevant exhibiting approaches, methodical input, and evaluation. Innovative and interactive media are frequently used by educational creators to increase guidance.

The Instructional Design training course will help you understand the history and progression of Instructional Design, the principles and qualities of planning and improving informative material, the various capabilities and abilities in Instructional Design, planning and improving e-learning materials, and modes and models of Instructional Design, as well as the role of the instructor as a viable architect.

For Your Review, I've included a list of the Top 10 Instructional Design Courses in India.

1.  Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is one of India's most well-known pioneers, with a reputation for high-quality course content and a wide range of teaching methods and techniques. Henry Harvin has some of the most experienced trainers in the field. They provide a variety of technology and management courses, as well as Top Instructional Design Courses in India. The course framework includes instruction from industry experts, live projects, an internship program, certification, weekly boot camp sessions, access to E-learning, and Gold membership for a year.

One Year Gold Membership

Enjoy the benefits of weekly Bootcamp sessions to review fundamentals and clarify questions. Get access to a learning management system (LMS) with recorded videos, exercises, and case studies. Writing Academy Placement provides an opportunity to network with other industry specialists. Job aid every week

Course Duration: 16 hours

Course Fee: Rs. 15000/-

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2. KPMG Learning Academy

KPMG learning academy is one of the finest institutions in India and they offer Instructional design courses in India. The Certified instructional design practitioner's course

aimed at supporting Learning and Development professionals in developing a future guide by fostering their center and power talents.

This program will cover the most important aspects of learning, such as developing working models, increasing requirements investigation, learning plan, assistance skills, and other modules that are directly relevant to the duties and responsibilities of any instructional designer professional.

The Tasks include self-paced learning, distributed commitment, case studies, live projects and industry pioneer collaborations. Members have the incredible opportunity paid internships with KPMG Learning Academy.

Course Duration: 36 hours

Course Fee: Rs. 41,500/-

3. Edx

The MicroMasters in Instructional Design and Technology program looks into the evolution of obtaining the difference in traditional Educational tactics to emerging learning sciences. You'll also look into educational plan methods that use execution-based assessments to provide powerful and relevant growth chances. You will study innovation's role in aiding and upgrading the teaching and learning process after a strong reinforcement of how people advance today.

Course Duration: 8 weeks

Course Fee: Free (upgrades are available for premium amount)


The symbiosis center for distance learning offers diplomas in instructional design courses in India. A post-graduate diploma in instructional design course designed to provide aspirants with the theoretical and practical skills needed to configure, deliver, and evaluate course content.

Aspirants research the theories of Instructional Design through reading, viewing e-learning modules, and utilizing practical applications. The program includes professional competency in instructional design as well as self-advancement and growth of job-related skills.

Course Duration: 1 Year

Course Fee: Rs. 35000/-

5. Udemy

On the udemy website, multiple instructional design courses are available. The courses are useful educator-led videos, hand-picked sources, and common sense tasks to provide you with the greatest possible introduction to this subject. Everything is explained in 'simple English,' and it has all of the information. The strategies that have been studied have been successfully tried and tested throughout many courses to ensure that you are prepared for progress.

The course benefits include on-demand video, articles, Full lifetime access, Access on mobile and TV, Certificate of completion.

Course Duration: 2 hours to 6 hours

Course Fee: Rs. 700/-


International society for education technology offers Instruction design courses across the world including India. The ISFET instructional design course is straightforward, assisting educators in the creation of materials and providing direction to the specified methods in web-based instructing.

Figure out how to create high-quality online courses. You can design a successful and enticing growth opportunity by observing how individuals progress and planning the experience wisely and artistically. The course also covers mixed learning environments, concurrent and nonconcurrent concerns, the use of a variety of media, such as video and sound, as well as openness issues and effective evaluation of a virtual learning strategy.

Course Duration: Self-paced.

Course Fee: $189.00

7. Coursera

This course examines seven e-learning ecologies' affordances. These advantages, recognized and used, will prepare students for success in a world increasingly dominated by advanced data streams and instruments for communication in the workplace, public spaces, and personal lives.

This course provides a diverse set of examples of learning innovations and executions that, to varying degrees, demonstrate these affordances in practice.vIt is taught by a group of University of Illinois educators.

Course duration: 4 weeks

Course fee: $59 per month( Coursera subscription)

8. Harvard University

Harvard University offers online instructional design courses in India. Throughout the course, you will work together to provide growth chances by embracing current media and innovations. At regular intervals, aspirants will get assignments. You'll need to study for this educational plan course; it's only provided during certain semesters and isn't available on demand. This course will teach you how to create an instructive strategy that will help you learn more effectively.

The essence of the informative strategy is sympathy. Reflective thinking is a lifelong activity that helps you become a better student and content creator. This course is for students looking for scholarly experience, specialists looking to build their portfolios, and creatives looking to collaborate on academic projects.

Course Fee: $1,700

Course Duration: 15 Weeks

9. Skillshare

This is one of the most amazing instructive plan courses out there if you want to learn how to create an internet-based course that is engaging, intriguing, and of professional quality. This workshop, taught by award-winning educational architect John Hinchliffe, consists of 48 micro-lessons that cover everything from defining what an informative plan is to wishing to write devices, and that's only the beginning.

In this course, you will learn about Errors to Consider When Creating an Online Course, and how to avoid them. Really, how do you use video and sound? Where can you find the free image, sound, and video assets to make my course look amazing? How to make your web-based course production cycle more regular to improve your proficiency, Individuals' diverse learning styles.

Course Fee: Free for a month, then the premium is applicable

Course Duration: 2 hours

10. Swayam

This course is required for a recognized University-level educational program. It can be taken by aspirants at any level of educator instruction and in partnership with instructors from diverse resources. It will enable them to take control of all instructional design concepts.

You will discover and understand the effectiveness of educational experiences in this course, which will make getting information and expertise more productive, successful, and enjoyable.

Course Duration: 15 weeks


The instructional design course is designed to give you a solid foundation in instructional design as well as the skills you'll need to create effective learning solutions and experiences. Many people question whether it is essential to go to such great pains to produce and construct teaching and learning materials, given that the process of teaching and learning has been going on for generations.

It is, given how much the definition of learning has evolved! It's interesting, though, that when this subject first arrived in India, instructional designers had to learn on the job because professional courses for those who wanted to learn were scarce. Many of them received their education in foreign countries. Designers were trained on the job by companies that offered e-learning choices. This technique persists today, and many professionals who pass the interview are trained on the job.


Q1. What are the career opportunities to pursue post-completion of instructional design courses?

Ans. Content writer, instructional designer, content reviewer, Editor, instructional writer, technical writer, etc.

Q2. What is the average income of an Instructional designer?

Ans. The average Income of an Instructional Designer is ₹522,634 per annum

Q3. What is the eligibility to apply for an instructional design course?

Ans. There is no specific requirement to pursue an instructional design course. However, graduation in a relevant field would be considered.

Q4. What are the skills required to become a professional instructional designer?

Ans. writing skills, emotional intelligence, analytic skills, project management skills, deep understanding of the latest learning methods, visual and artistic skills, etc

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