How To Find The Right Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgeon?

Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgeon

After skin cancer, the most rampant risk among American men is Prostate cancer. The American Cancer Society appraised that over 34,500 deaths occur due to prostate cancer, while 268,490 new cases of the same have been reported in 2022.

To rid cancer, specialists resort to radical prostatectomy and laparoscopic surgery. Now, with the advancement of technology, robotic prostatectomy has also appeared on the scene. Let’s discuss these part by part:

  • Laparoscopic surgery: This surgical method of eliminating prostate cancer involves the surgeon keeping an eye on the operation site through an endoscopic camera whose video is projected on the monitor perched in the operation theatre. The surgeon holds and operates using surgical instruments by himself.
  • Robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery: This is an iteration of traditional laparoscopic surgery. Here, the surgeon manages the console near the operation slab and accomplishes the procedure by directing the arms of the robot holding surgical tools. 

The last method has gained prominence in the United States over recent years although, there are no indicators that prove robotic surgery to be better in terms of sexual and urinary functions than a traditional radical prostatectomy.

To undergo the procedure, you first need to find a reliable Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgeon since the surgery is complex to perform. Here are some tips to help you reach the aptest prostate cancer surgeon:

  • Experience: It is proven that the surgeons who perform prostatectomy operations several times a week own greater experience. The knowledge of the field and managing the condition is honed by years of practice and the guidance of other behemoth professionals. The higher the experience of the surgeon, the more are the chances of successful prostatectomy, and lower the risks of complications and side effects. Choose a surgeon who has carried out more than a thousand robotic-assisted prostatectomies. 
  • Authenticity: You would not want to be treated by a fake or inexperienced surgeon. Therefore, it is necessary to vet the reputation of the specialist as well as the institution to which the person is associated. Know the specialists who have mentored the surgeon to further aver the surgeon's credibility. 
  • Surgery success rates: A seasoned prostate cancer surgeon boasts high success rates and low mortality rates in the patients operated by him. To acquire such proficiency and glowing repertoire, the surgeon must have performed robot-assisted prostate cancer surgeries and must specialize in prostate matters. 
  • Find other patients treated: You can ask the specialist about the patients he has already nursed through his career. Do this to get reviews and feedback on the services of the surgeon and see how many of them vouch for his presence during prostate cancer treatment. 
  • Choose a high-volume hospital: A high-volume prostate cancer center has many specialists related to the sphere coming from different disciplines. Prostate cancer treatment involves several aspects to consider, so having multidisciplinary staff would render the patient benefits of the best and timely solution for the risk management and handling complications of the procedure. These hospitals have highly-trained nursing staff as well who facilitate proper management of the patients and aid in the recovery process post surgery
  • Check out support network: As a patient suffering from a critical condition, you would want frequent visits to the specialist. It is preferable if the prostate cancer center has a support network to assist the patients in resolving the queries and guiding them through the treatment. 

Prostate cancer is a complex and delicate condition that requires an individualized approach to treat every patient. Therefore, you must find the best Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgeon to perform prostatectomy on you. 

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