Top 10 Schools in Ahmedabad Which Are CBSE Affiliated

Top 10 Schools in Ahmedabad

CBSE is the popular choice amongst parents for their school-going kids. It is globally recognised, offers a fruitful curriculum, and has a strategic approach towards learning. Finding the best CBSE School in Ahmedabad is like sorting half of your child's life. You know he is in safe hands, and with little effort from your side, you can help him design a fruitful career.

The only challenge that the parents face is plethora of options pop up when they look for Ahmedabad high school affiliated with CBSE. So, we have listed some of the top picks to ease the job.

Top 10 CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad

The Global Indian International School Ahmedabad

It is one of the best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad. GIIS Ahmedabad is a globally renowned school with multiple awards and accolades to its name. They have a technically-equipped, world-class campus and a comprehensive curriculum plan. With their award-winning 9GEMS pedagogical method, they strive to promote holistic development in children. Choosing this school is the best decision you can make for your child.

Army Public School

The school has an unwavering and undying commitment to providing quality education. They work tirelessly to provide visible and quantifiable results by offering value-based learning and a regular assessment process. Educators and other staff at Army Public School train young minds and turn them into independent and morally strong adults.

Delhi Public School

If you have ever looked for the CBSE school options, DPS always pops in the list. There are multiple branches of Delhi Public School in different cities of the country, and the educational quality they maintain is exceptional!

Global Mission School

It is another option in the list of best schools in Ahmedabad, affiliated to the CBSE board. The environment at school is positive and nurturing to ensure that children never feel disinterested. Their teaching strategies are child-centric, focusing on conceptual understanding and learning its practical application.

Zydus School for Excellence

Zydus is a renowned name, and just like their other businesses, they have also excelled in the educational industry. Their school in Ahmedabad has state-of-the-art amenities, a reliable security setup, and exceptional academic facilities. Your child will also get opportunities to try sports, learn fines arts, and experience other learning aspects.

Sattva Vikas School

Another option for CBSE School in Ahmedabad is Sattva Vikas. Parents choose them because of their focus on the holistic development of every child and their dedication to helping children design a fruitful future for themselves.

IDP School

It is a co-educational school in Ahmedabad, affiliated with the CBSE board. The world-class amenities and fully functional infrastructure add to the factors that make learning more fun. If you visit the campus, you will find happy students. They all like being in school and have no pressure of getting good grades.

Udgam School for Children

Udgam School circulates the premium learning amongst children and plans enough co-curricular activities to keep learning exciting and fun. The student-teacher ratio is also apt to ensure that every child gets equal attention from the educator.

St. Kabir School

This high school has over three decades of experience, and ever-improving academic results make it an apt option for children. As a result, every child from pre-primary to higher secondary level gets an opportunity to explore every possible aspect of learning and decide what amuses them the most.

Anand Niketan School

It is a chain of schools with multiple branches in Ahmedabad high school. Each campus is a perfect example of a school that any parent would want for their children. They are a few schools that also focus on transforming a child into a balanced individual with decision-making and critical thinking skills. The quality of education is exceptional so that you can go with them.

The list of best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad is never-ending. But you can save yourself all the time and go with the options listed above. The ideal way is to visit the campuses, which you plan to choose to check the facilities. Then, select the school that gives you the right vibe and one that you think will prove to contribute to your child's life.

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