There Are 4 Unique Games For Online Valentine's Day

4 Unique Games

Valentine's Day has arrived and pandemic is there but there is an idea of online valentine's day games. February 14 is celebrated all over the world. This day is especially dedicated to celebrating the love and romance in our lives. It all starts from the second week of February, the week itself is known as love week.

Why Valentine Day is most important?

The first day starts with Rose Day on February 7, followed by Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day and the last. With the Kiss Day. And now the most important one- is the turn of Valentine's Day. This day is much more important than other love days as everyone celebrates this day with the love of their life irrespective of religion and age. On this day, birds like gifts flowers, chocolates, and many other Valentine gifts to each other. This day is special because on this day love birds express their feelings and feelings for each other.

How to celebrate valentine's day online?

Ah, the season of love. Most Valentine's Day, we cram as many romantic activities as possible during the day. Candlelight dinner. Cocktails in the luxurious lounge. But this year things are different. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are spending Valentine's Day at home. And while it may seem boring, it's actually the perfect excuse to plan a particular indoor activity with colleagues. Enjoy a sweet and fun office Valentine's celebration with this online theme. You play fun games and do things that tickle your laughter. There are activities and games that help you get to know your team better.

Best Valentine's Day Game Ideas

1. Valentine's Day Bingo

Remote bingo is a fun way to warm up to an online crowd, start an online meeting, and promote interaction between video call attendees. First, send the bingo board to the participants. All players chat with other guests and mark the squares. When attendees find out the other classes who are describing other players then they will write their names in the box. The player who firstly marks the five consecutive boundaries will win.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Online scavenger hunting is fun way to entertain attendees on video calls. To hunt a virtual Valentine's Day Scavenger, signal your video call participants one by one. Be sure to break into teams at the start of the game, and give points to the team whose member completes the first or best task. At the end of the activity, match the points and hand over the winner to a team.

3. Speed Dating

Speed dating is a virtual team bonding activity where employees meet and chat with teammates with whom they don't interact frequently. The concept is simple: during a set time, participants will have a short five-minute interaction with colleagues. The easiest way to facilitate speed dating is to match pairs with a random team generator, then post the pairs to the Slack channel at regular intervals. The employees will start a face-to-face chat or video call by themselves. Or, you can take participants in Zoom to the middle of the breakout room, although this approach is more manual and requires organization.

4. Secret Admirers

The secret fan is an instant morale enhancer for employees that strengthens the relationship between co-workers. First, assign the couple the same way you do to an office secret Santa. If you use a random pair generator, then it'll make the process easier. Then, inform the participants who their "person" is. Instead of just exchanging gifts, colleagues spend weeks sending encouragement and appreciation, inspirational quotes, fun GIFS, pictures, and videos to each other from a fake email address. Gift-givers can also send small digital gifts, such as e-gift cards, apps, music files, or games. At the end of the week, secret fans reveal themselves, but the recipients may already try to guess their identity. This game spreads positivity, gratitude, and goodwill in your team.


However, Valentine's Day celebrates the bonding and relationship between people. It's a day that teaches us how to express our love, care and respect for anyone important in our lives. It helps us feel happy about our loved ones. It also shows us the importance of the happiness we feel when we are around people who matter to us.

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