Tips To Utilize Boltless Racking In Warehouse

Boltless Shelving In Storage

You might have seen unorganized warehouses and distribution centers, which negatively impact customers. That is why boltless shelving plays an important role as a versatile storage solution.

A racking system must offer strength to the structure. So, you can opt for a boltless racking solution for any shop, warehouse, or factory. The best part is it does not consist of complicated bolts or nuts.

Well, to calm the thunder inside your mind, we have made a simple guide. Here, you will learn about boltless racking, its types, and the utilization of boltless shelving in storage.

What Is A Boltless Racking System?

You can denote this racking solution by the name boltless racking solution and boltless shelving solution. These racks are very seamless and easy to install. It is highly suitable  for brands with a storage center, warehouse, garages, or distribution center.

Furthermore, you don't need huge tools or gears for installation. If we compare installation with other racking, then it is a piece of cake. Also, It comes in a variety of designs and sizes.

For a newbie, it becomes really challenging to choose the perfectly suited racks. That is why first takes all the measurements of your warehouse and then prefers buying a rack.

Top 5 Tips Use Boltless Shelving In Storage 

1. Well organized

Your precious warehouse structure will look like a disorganized place if you don't use proper shelves. Moreover, it will become tough for your business to manage inventory or goods. However, selecting the right rack will make your space look well organized. As well it will provide floor space in a warehouse which is very important. Moreover, in a shop boltless rack allow, you showcase the items from the rack. It creates a good image of your brand or business.

As a warehouse owner with racking or shelving, you can check the products and find overstocking in your place. This compact system allows users to identify goods from far away.

2. Save relocation cost

What is better than a permanent racking solution instead of relocation to a new space? As you know, when the owner finds their storage center small, they explore new places to place their goods. This might cost you a lot because a bigger space means a higher price.

Choosing a boltless racking solution makes your organization more profitable. How? Well, you can use racks to organize goods, and it will maximize the warehouse space. Moreover, implementing boltless shelving will not cost you a penny for tools or labor.

Following this tip will help maximize the floor space by spending very little. So, you don't need to relocate or expand your old space in the end. Don't worry about high price warehouse expansion or relocation.

3. Long-lasting product

It is a durable racking solution for every kind of warehouse and storage.

Keep in your mind that when you buy a product, it should last for at least ten years. Here boltless racking plays a crucial role because it is durable as well as supports heavy loads. In short, this type shelving system is durable and lasts for a longer time. As it is made of steel, so don't worry about the sturdiness of the racks. 

4. Reasonable price

Choosing boltless shelves is a cost-effective racking solution that is easy to buy for every level of people in a society. Let's simplify it, from a small warehouse owner to a well-established industry owner; anyone can buy the boltless racks. You can consider this a top-notch option for every type of rack.

Moreover, here the best part is you will find a boltless rack at a lower price than other rack systems. Also, this type of rack needs fewer nuts and no bolts during construction. You can use this for warehouse, storage, and distribution centers.

5. Easy to assemble the rack

Every business owner chooses to buy a product that requires less labor for installing. Well, boltless shelving doesn't need any bolts. That simply means it is a very easy to assemble kind of item. It is a flexible and adjustable choice for storage centers.

Furthermore, no workers or laborers are needed to make the rack stand. Its parts assembly requires 2 or 3 people only.

Different Types Of Boltless Shelving Solutions

1. Specialty boltless shelving solution

The major advantage of boltless shelves is that they can be designed as per your needs. It means you can see a customized rack unit made by keeping special needs in memory. There are some examples of specialty boltless shelving, which consist:

  • Document storage shelving
  • Muffler storage units
  • Boltless tire storage
  • Tailpipe racks and more.

It provides double and even triple space in a warehouse. So, you will get a maximum area on your premises. Moreover, you will find that installing and dismantling procedures will be easier. Here you don't need any onsite welding services for fixing racks.

2. Standard boltless shelving

A standard racking unit has an upright position in all corners with keyhole-shaped slots every 1.5 inches. The horizontal beams are mostly used to run front to back and left to right to hold the decking item such as steel, particleboard, or a wire mesh to make a robust standard racking shelf.

On the other side, the boltless shelving unit horizontal beams at the top and bottom use an L-shaped single rivet angle beam. It helps to link the posts from one point to the other point. Moreover, Single rivet beams provide the highest opening between the shelf or racks.

3. Heavy duty rack

For holding heavy and bulky items, heavy-duty boltless shelving is the best choice out of all. Here the horizontal beams at the top and bottom of the unit are double rivet angle beams.


You might have found useful information regarding boltless shelving. Now would you be able to find the right storage solution for your warehouse? If so, then it will save your relocation money and provide you with a durable solution.

Need to know anything else? Well, we are here to help you!

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