Does Website Speed Optimization Improve Google Ranking in 2022?

Website Speed Optimization Improve Google Ranking

Website speed is one of the most key aspects of website design and development and how the users are engaging themselves to your website. The side speed will enhance the performance of your website.

The better performance will impact everything from search rankings to conversation rates.  Better performance on your page will always be beneficial to search engine optimization.

Website speed is measured are based on the average of the individual page speed on your website. Some of the important factors are:

  • Average page load time: Average page load time is the required time for a browser to open a page completely. An average page load time is 5 seconds to 7 seconds on desktops and 12 seconds to 14 seconds on mobile devices.
  • Average server response time: Average server response time is the time that a server needs to respond as per a request by a user. A slow server is a common problem that slows the page load time. As a result, the browser takes much longer to load the documents on a page.

What are the most important Google ranking factors?

All the website owners want to get a better Google ranking. There are various factors that can owners follow.

Here are some important factors that will help to get a better ranking:

  • High-quality content: In google ranking factors content is one of the most important ones. If the content is original, valuable and unique it will help in search engine optimization. Google always pays attention to the quality of content. If it is now good enough it will not be on the search engine page results.

Google will not crawl your site and slow down too if you publish any Transcripted content.

  • Backlinks: Backlinks are the second most important factor in google ranking. It is also known as incoming links or inbound links. It is an important algorithm of Google and it is how your website is found by Google crawler for indexing. Contents and backlinks work together for website optimization and it helps the webpages to get organic traffic.

Backlinks are like votes for your website. Google calculates the vote and considers a ranking of your website in the top 10.

  • Domain authority: Domain authority is another important factor. It shows the expertise of your website and the ability to rank on search engines. Domain authority is basically a ranking metric. If you have higher domain authority then you have higher chances to rank on google.
  • Mobile-friendliness: Google has launched its mobile-first algorithm. Since then all the websites have to be mobile-friendly. Google will use your website’s mobile-friendliness for indexing and ranking.
  • User experience: The overall user experience on your website is another factor for google ranking. Here are a few things that contribute towards a good user experience:
    • Bounce rate: If you are having high bounce rates that are not good for your website optimization. If the users come on your page and then click the back button without even interacting with your page, Google will consider the page irrelevant and won’t rank it.
    • CTR: It is the average number of users who click on your website link in the search results. If you can improve your CTR then it will help you boost your rankings.
    • Dwell time: It is the time period of a user staying on your website after coming from the google results. The higher the dwell rate is, the higher you can rank on google.

Why is website speed important for Google Ranking?

Website speed is one of the most important metrics for SEO and user-centric performance. Website development for performing better is what the owners want. If your website is taking a lot of time to load data then it won’t be a good impression for your online business and on your clients.

In the modern era, a user will always want to experience high loading speed on your website. If the user has to invest a lot of time for the landing page to load, it will be hampering user engagement and will increase the bounce rate.

On mobile devices, it is a big issue about the website speed. Google says that it almost takes 14 seconds to 18 seconds to load a page completely. But the user expects around 4 seconds to 6 seconds to load a page. Each second counts as on eCommerce platforms if it delays even 1 second extra to load a page, it will decrease the conversion rate.

Here are some points that can be considered to enhance the website speed for better search engine optimization:

  • As site speed is a crucial ranking factor, Google has made site speed a ranking factor and slow speed penalized.
  • Google finds the fast loading sites easier to crawl. The length of a page affects speed optimization. If you have a fast server, Google will often come and crawl your site faster.

If the wait time is lower, it will decrease the bounce rate on your website.

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