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White Label NFT Launchpad

The modern, easy cash cow sector: NFT is the place to be in the crypto realm. The industry is the online manifestation of the physical art trading world. The difference being the industry tends to surprise itself on all fronts. The adaptable and inclusive platform has gone through a few makeovers over the years and continues to do so. Coincidentally, one of the exciting makeovers was the development of niche products made to uplift the individuals involved with the sector. The no-code Instant NFT Launchpad, by definition, helps amateurs and professionals start their own dedicated spaces in the NFT realm. Let's take a brief look into what a good launchpad platform entails and how GuardianLink is trailblazing in this regard.

What is a no-code launchpad?

A no-code launchpad is simply a launchpad that cuts back on all the technical aspects of starting an NFT marketplace. It rather lets creators and businesses focus on the creative and executive decisions of their projects. This is especially catered towards anyone whose domain doesn't involve coding and people who aren't bothered with the technical jargon. Making a mark on the NFT market is not an easy feat, considering the time it takes to build it from scratch.

What it takes to start a market from scratch

The NFT marketplace is a multitude of ideas coming together under one umbrella. From the investment capital, pitch, analytics, software designers, frontend and backend developers. The process is strenuous and taxing. Practically a working platform would take months upon months - testing out the bugs, errors, lags in the prototype to even get started with the working model.

What does a no-code NFT platform offer?

At the top of the list, time and management costs have to be up there among many valuable benefits. The instant launchpad helps cut back on time by folds and the liberty of ease to penetrate the space soon. But, it also helps with the pressure of time constraints. The launchpad also takes care of the software development aspect of your platform - Employing developers who have fine-tuned the perfect marketplace model that works like a machine. The storefront is left customizable to the preference of the individual. With custom templates and layout options, the sky's the limit.

How does GuardianLink stand out?

They have done exceptionally well in this regard - launching many successful creators and businesses in the NFT realm. Especially in the Indian hemisphere, where there is a shortage of such products - they have introduced an NFT platform creation that works for the customer. Attention to detail and relentless customer satisfaction is the key to their success.

The company is the silent technological partner of BeyondLife.club, which had unparalleled success in the Indian and global market. More brief on their projects down below, but let's look at some of the key features in the platform.

Customization -

The decentralized NFT launchpad is distinct for the infamous selection of customizable templates it hosts. The storefront is made easy with niche templates catering to every creator's need. It makes the option of customer interaction with the product very accessible and engaging.

Security -

Blockchain is secure by default, but that only extends to minting your NFT piece. There are other security threat aspects that come into play. Duplication and replication is the next biggest threat during the launch of any project, and GuardianLink has got you covered. The Anti RIP AI technology is in place to take down any replication in other competing marketplaces. It works relentlessly to give updates to the creator and collector about the status of the NFTs.

Instant NFT launchpad

The platform provides a quick fix to launch your NFT projects. You only need to upload your projects and hit launch. The whole ordeal could be done within a matter of minutes. Their seamless integration of all the major wallets, marketplaces, and NFT minting make the process easier and more accessible than ever before. Thus encouraging NFT platform development further than ever before.


The highly successful NFT marketplace is championed by the minds at GuardianLink. It has been responsible for some of the prominent NFT projects in the NFT space. From the Amitabh Bachchan NFTs to the recent metaverse wedding from their platform, they have exclusively produced banger projects.

The BigB NFT drop raked in 8 crores INR at the time of the launch. Chakra NFTs were sold out in unprecedented numbers, and its recorded sale was one of the fastest. Then came the Hindustan Times and the metaverse wedding, which sold out in a fraction of a second.

The projects are exceeding their standards in sales in the secondary market. With pieces as low as $10, now traded at $4000 and above, which is 400 times the original.

Concluding thoughts on GuardianLink and its NFT launchpad

Beyondlife.club is the prime example of how much the no-code launchpad pays attention to detail on their products. This gives freedom and courage for creators to make it work on their terms and hope to succeed in this space. GuardianLink has got you covered if you are a budding artist or a business trying to get into the NFT realm. Investors and NFT enthusiasts can infiltrate established markets like Beyondlife.club and flourish.

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