How to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer?

Laptop Battery Last Longer

If we talk about laptops, the latest ones have great battery backup. But still, users often suffer laptop battery problems after 2-3 years of usage. Why? It is due to the ways you are using your device.

It's a bitter truth that your laptop battery will not last long if you don't pay attention to some common factors. And later, you might need to visit a laptop repair service centre to solve the battery issues.

Well, unnecessary background apps, power settings, room temperature, and even the way of charging the laptop damages its battery. Here the good news is you can make your laptop battery last for a long time with some effort. Have a look over the top 5 common ways to enhance laptop battery life.

5 Ways To Improve Battery Life Of A Laptop

1. What Does Battery's Health Report Say?

As we know, all the batteries lose lasting capacity after some years of usage; we can't change this but can try to make it last for a long time. Moreover, keep an eye on the battery health report regularly.

Checking battery report on windows

Well, checking battery health on windows is so easy. Let's start!

  • Go to the start button
  • Type battery saver overview and click on it.
  • Now, open settings
  • Here you will see the battery usage per application

It will provide you with a list of apps consuming your laptop battery.

Checking battery report on a MacBook

  • Press the Option key
  • Click on the battery icon
  • You will see the battery status.

So, if you have seen a "Service Battery" or "Replace Now" message, your MacBook battery is functioning lower than its actual capacity. You need to consult a laptop or PC repair service centre.

Furthermore, open the System Information application. Here, you can search for detailed reviews on the number of times the laptop battery has been charged.

2. Turn down the brightness level.

The user needs to turn down the screen's brightness level to improve laptop battery life. The high brightness level is one of the main causes behind battery draining. It not only lowers battery percentage but also affects long-term battery life.

Decrease brightness in Windows

  • If you are using Windows 10, go to the action centre.
  • Click on the taskbar's notification icon.
  • Now choose the brightness icon and click on it. There you can adjust brightness accordingly.
  • If you are using Windows 7, adjust brightness by launching the Windows Mobility Centre. There you can turn it down as per the comfort of your eyes. Remember, never enable the adaptive brightness option because it drains the battery faster.

Decrease brightness in MacBook

  • First, click on the Apple icon to decrease or lower the brightness level.
  • Select System Preferences.
  • Choose the display icon.
  • Now you can adjust the slider of the "Brightness" whatever you need.
  • Shortcut keys for screen brightness are F5 and F6 in a MacBook.

Turning low brightness means making your display visible, not turning it too dark. Moreover, never allow auto-brightness mode. It depletes the laptop battery faster. An ideal brightness level is approximately 75 percent.

3. Turn on wifi and Bluetooth when needed.

When you are using Bluetooth or wifi, then turn it on. If you are not using it, turn it off because it consumes a lot of battery. Undoubtedly, turning them off will provide a boost to the life of your MacBook battery.

Turn off wifi and Bluetooth on Windows.

  • Go to the taskbar
  • Click on the notification icon
  • You will find a Bluetooth icon. Click on that.
  • Once you reach the Bluetooth setting, click on the off button.
  • Similarly, you will see a wifi icon on the taskbar. Click there and turn it off.

Turn off wifi and Bluetooth on MacBook.

  • For wifi, turn off, go to the menu and click on Airport.
  • Choose the wifi icon and turn it off.
  • Now go to the Bluetooth icon (on the menu bar).
  • Turn Bluetooth off.

Furthermore, don't forget to turn on Bluetooth or wifi when you need it. Well, doing so will surely make your battery perform well and last longer.

4. Check the Airflow of the laptop.

Nowadays, laptops have lithium-polymer batteries which don't need frequent laptop repair or battery maintenance. It prevents damage to your laptop due to battery drainage. But you need to be careful about the heat produced by your device because it can damage your laptop battery.

Moreover, the main concern for laptop heating is not proper air ventilation. The problem could be dust in the port or ventilation ports blockage. To solve this problem, you can clean the dust buildup in the laptop. Start by cleaning the vents and fan of the device.

Also, make sure never to put your laptop on a blanket or pillow because it blocks the ventilation fan. You can use the laptop table or a desk that will not block cooling or Airflow in the laptop. Doing so will make your laptop battery last for a long time.

5. Turn off background stuff.

We often forget to close the background stuff after using it. And this leads to battery damage problems.

The laptop battery suffers because of different files or apps running simultaneously. Furthermore, it includes all the applications, files, videos, and so on that are opened on your laptop. So, you need to search for background stuff that drains the battery.

Close background apps on Windows

  • Go to the start menu
  • Search for setting
  • Then click on background app settings
  • Turn off all the apps that you don't want to run in the background.

Check background apps on MacBook.

  • Go to the menu bar
  • Search and open activity monitor on the MacBook.
  • Close all the background apps.

Sum Up

No magic can let your laptop battery last for 100 years! But, these tips will extend the battery life of your laptop or MacBook. Hopefully, you have a clear idea of making your laptop battery last longer.

If these tips are not working to improve your laptop's battery life, then you have another choice. You can stick to a professional laptop repair in Singapore or nearby areas. They can protect your laptop battery as well as provide you with full-proof solutions for the future.

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