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Video Editing Program

In this article, we will tell you the best video editing programs. All of these programs are entirely free.

Today, with the popularity of YouTube, many people started to shoot videos. Especially those who want to montage and cut their videos have many questions in their minds. In this article, we will tell you the best video editing programs. All of these programs are entirely free.

Especially with technology development, many people started to shoot videos in environments such as YouTube and Twitch. If you are thinking of taking a step in this matter, you need to master video editing programs.

You can use these applications to give effects, add filters and crop the videos you shoot. You can easily edit your videos using these applications, and you can also improve yourself in these subjects.


FlexClip is a simple yet powerful online video maker that lets you create marketing videos and family stories in minutes. Intuitive story creator is easy to use for everyone. Just drag and drop to create a stunning video in a few clicks. It is for any situation that saves you a lot of time. It has more than 1000 pre-designed templates.


Identify video sequences using the Cut tool. You can preview tracks before exporting, and Kizoa offers you the possibility of adding pre-designed intros and outros and setting the audiovisual track to the music.


You can integrate photos and videos in minutes. Three steps separate you from creating audiovisual content. Upload the material to the platform. Just select the video and soundtrack you want to edit, and that's it! Your AI system will analyze the material, organize it and create the video for you.


It has many features. If you are a beginner, we do not recommend its interface. This free editing tool is only available for Windows. In particular, you can add texts, shapes, graphics, animations, images, and videos. It also allows you to record your screen.


You will not need the experience to manage the platform. Its resources are simple. Crop, rotate, add audio, video, and images, balance colors, change the background, add text and integrate some transitions if you wish.


Professional video editing software, incredibly Desktop customizable. Two versions are available. Entirely commercial and free.

It allows multiple formats. Several editors can work on different projects simultaneously or with several clips on the same project. Also, after uploading the first video to Vimeo, the free version gains additional features.


The free version is for home use and has limitations. It only provides: Cut and apply effects and transitions. But for $29, you can access other functions. Overlapping headings, subheadings; creating templates to copy into other projects…

Additionally, it offers image stabilization, and mixes photos with videos. And it is compatible with more than 31 audio and video formats. It also allows exporting to DVD, Blue-ray and HD-DVD format. So you can enjoy the best free video editing software.


The free version is available for Windows and, more recently for MacOs. It has a very simple interface, access to filters, and superimposed text. You can combine transitions and access the music library to set the mood for your creation.

Supports 4k, imports photos from different social platforms. If you use the free version, your video will be exported with a watermark.


This software is open source. It provides 3D modeling, animation, simulation, video game creation, and video editing.

For the second function, preview, mask video, chroma vector and histogram images, audio mixing, waveform display, effects, etc. provides.


Believe it or not, the trial version lasts for 12 months. No subscription required to access. The free package gives you more than 410 special effects. The interface is for an amateur editor. Uploading with Youtube is integrated. It has frame-by-frame compositing tools, layering, and masking, 3D video support, an integrated audio editor, etc. Access it and enjoy the best video editing software for free.

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