What are The Top 5 CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad?

What are The Top 5 CBSE Schools in Ahmedabad

CBSE is one of the most trusted and popular curriculums in India. The reason behind the inclination of parents is its international recognition, strategic syllabus, and holistic learning approach that focus on the development of the student. Therefore, parents look for the best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad during the admission process, intending to give a great start to their child’s educational journey.

The challenge parents face is selecting the best school out of the available options. It is a question of selecting the school and then getting their ward admitted there. 

The Top 5 CBSE schools in Ahmedabad

Listed below are the 5 best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad. We have also listed details like fees, results, admission, and more. Parents can refer to these details and choose one out of these schools for their child!

The Global Indian International School

GIIS is a renowned name in the educational domain, with schools in different parts of the world. Their global presence makes them the best school for children as it gives them much-needed exposure and prepares them for the international competition.

Ranking, Fee, and Results: GIIS ranks among the top schools in the city, with various awards and accolades. The fee is approximately Rs 60000 annually, and their results are outstanding.

Podar International School

Podar International works with the vision to raise learned and globally aware individuals who can adjust and adapt to any environment. They have a broad network of schools, offering various educational streams. Their vision is a value-based learning program that contributes to building a better nation.

Ranking, Fee, and Results: Podar International ranks among the top five schools in Ahmedabad. Their fee is approximately Rs 80000 annually, and their academic results are promising.

Delhi Public School

If you have ever searched for the best CBSE schools, you must have come across DPS. Delhi Public School has a long history of academic excellence, and its alumni list has some of the most famous names in the country. They have set a benchmark for quality education in Ahmedabad, and by choosing it, you can ensure the same for your child.

Ranking, Fee, and Results: DPS needs no recognition, and it ranks in the top 5 schools of Ahmedabad. Their fee is approximately Rs 60000 annually, and their academic results are in the top rung every year.

Adani Vidya Mandir

It is a renowned school in Ahmedabad, with branches at four different locations. They work towards the holistic growth of a child, providing them with the necessary facilities and opportunities in sports, fine arts, and skill-building. 

Ranking, Fee, and Results: Adani Vidya Mandir has made a mark in the top 5 schools of Ahmedabad in a short span. Their fee is approximately Rs 50000 annually, and their students set outstanding records in every academic session.

Shanti Asiatic School

Shanti Asiatic works towards building community leaders. They provide a nurturing and happy environment at school, ensuring no child feels the pressure of education. In addition, they conduct multiple activities to make learning a fun task for children.

Ranking, Fee, and Results: Shanti Asiatic comes in the top 10 schools in Ahmedabad for the quality of education. Their fee is approximately Rs 55000 annually, and their students achieve excellent results.  

Though there are several CBSE schools in Ahmedabad, you can choose one from the list above and trust it with your child’s future. Referring to this list, you can save time and effort and directly go ahead with the admission process. If you still feel confused, seek suggestions from the parents in your network and ask them to recommend a school they trust! Do not blindly follow the references; keep them as a suggestion and carry out your research before deciding.

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