7 Little Changes That'll Make a Huge Difference in Digital Marketing in 2022

7 Little Changes That'll Make a Huge Difference in Digital Marketing in 2022

Owing to rapid digitalization, the internet has achieved new heights and has reached almost every nook and cranny of this world. Nearly all the services, be it booking hotels, appointments or flights, food delivery, or ordering medicines, almost everything can be done online.

Almost every sector today has made its services available online, which can be rendered through their websites; this has apparently raised the competition in the advertising world. Every organization today spends a significant amount of its budget on digital marketing. But, not all digital marketing campaigns driven by organizations provide desired results, which happens most often.

Hence, in this post, we'll be talking about some little changes that, if added to your digital marketing campaign, can make a huge difference and lead your drive to successful results in 2022. So, let's discuss these little changes to make in your marketing campaign briefly.

#1 Drive campaign focusing on every type of audience

For a business to have a broader range of customers or a blog to have a large audience, it's important to curate your digital marketing campaign focusing on every kind of audience. You need to ensure that your campaign addresses the needs of visually challenged and dyslexic people. To achieve this, you can make your content screen-reader compatible.

Visually challenged and dyslexic audiences are highly using screen readers to read the contents of a blog or any piece of information available online. Screen readers highly depend on the structure of the content, such as headlines, subheads, pointers, etc., to correctly translate the written content into the audio file. Hence, you must adequately structure your content.

Ensure that emails you send to the customers and advertisements you put on your websites for your products as a part of your marketing campaign are appropriately structured.

#2 Boost personalization

To drive a successful digital marketing campaign, it is vital to make it audience friendly. Hence adding a pinch of personalization can be an excellent ingredient for building a great campaign. Based on a report by salesforce, approximately 97% of marketers registered better results in their business thanks to personalization.

Another report by salesforce suggested that around 52% of customers expect the offers and messages sent to them by brands to be personalized. Personalized marketing includes sending notifications or emails that contain suitable offers on the products the audience wants to purchase. This way, you can ensure that your campaign not only generates leads but also results in lead conversion.

#3 Invest in influencer marketing

Influencer has become a widespread term nowadays with the rise in social media usage and dependency. Influencers are people with large social media followers who often promote products and services. People tend to believe highly in their words owing to which organizations tend to spend a substantial amount of their marketing budget on them.

Based on research, 89% of marketers say that the ROI generated from influencer marketing is almost equivalent to or better than other marketing channels. Hence we can conclude that it can be a safe bet to invest in influencers as part of your digital marketing strategy.

#4 Respect the privacy of your audience

Privacy concerns have been rising amongst audiences due to increased fraud, identity theft, and other malicious activities. Due to growing safety concerns, people tend to avoid engaging with any marketing emails or advertisements that contain surveys or lead to a portal asking for too many personal details.

Hence, it is crucial, especially for lesser-known small and new businesses, to plan campaigns that require only enough details that are essential to serve them correctly. Doing this will ensure that your emails and the portal they lead to seem authentic and trustworthy for the audiences to engage.

#5 Bring conversational AI into your campaign

Employing conversational AI has proven to be a great digital marketing practice in terms of its effectiveness in solving customer queries and providing effective solutions. More and more organizations are integrating conversational AI into their website chatbots owing to its proven efficacy.

Integrating conversational AI into your chatbots will ensure that you correctly respond to every customer query that might not be possible by manual handling. According to an MIT review, about 80% of respondents from various organizations claimed that there were measurable improvements in customer satisfaction, contact center performance, and service delivery thanks to this technology.

Investing in conversational AI will ensure that every customer query is solved while saving a substantial amount of time and reducing the dependency on customer care representatives. Hence it's a great idea to invest in conversational AI for your marketing campaign to achieve better results.

#6 Optimize your content for SEO

People often go to search engines such as Google when searching for any services or information and usually tend to click on a result that appears on the front page of the search results. Therefore, whether you're promoting your blog or your services via your website, you must ensure that the content is SEO-friendly.

Choosing the right keywords is the key to improving your keyword ranking and better SERP results. SEO-friendly content contains information with rich and rightly placed keywords and a headline integrated with the essential keywords. This practice ensures, to a great extent, that whenever a person puts keywords matching your content, the engine will place your page in a better position.

#7 Build credibility by adding evidence of your content

It's a recommendable practice to add evidence in the form of statistics or any means in support of your content to build credibility in front of your audience. By evidence, I mean anything, a statement or a statistic that proves the effectiveness of your product or service. Any award or accreditation won by the product will work as a piece of more compelling evidence.

Adding these things to your content will build credibility towards your organization for the service seekers, which might affect lead generation and conversion.

To conclude

Digital marketing is a task that often requires a significant budget from an organization. Hence, you must do it rightly for better results and profitability. In this post, we mentioned some changes to incorporate in your digital marketing campaign, if not done yet, that will ensure a better outcome for your business. All the tips mentioned above are credible and proven effective; hence it is recommendable to follow them to make a huge difference in your campaign.

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