Buying Beverage Cooler? Here’s What You Need to Consider

Beverage Cooler

If you're looking for a beer chiller, you might feel confused by all the brands, features, and sizes you can choose from. Your purchase doesn't have to be complicated, which is good news. In fact, having so many choices for cooling and storing drinks can make it easier to find the right one. It's just a matter of knowing what will best meet your needs. Think about these aspects before you buy a beer chiller for commercial purposes.


There are many different sizes of beer chillers. Most small refrigerators for drinks will work for the average shops with minimum sales. If you only need to store drinks for 6-7 customers a day or restock often, you can choose one that holds 60 cans or less. These units are also great because they can fit in a small shop or sit on your counter out of the way. For a comparatively larger setting, a beer chiller that can hold between 80 and 100 cans is the best choice. These units need more space to sit, but if you want to save floor space, you can install a built-in unit.

Check your budget

Beer chillers range in price from cheap for simple models to very expensive for ones with many features. If you know what you need in a fridge and do some research on features and prices, you should be able to figure out a price range for your purchase. Before you go shopping, make sure you know what you need and set a budget that you can stick to. This will help in avoiding unnecessary or impulse purchasing.

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Types of Things to Keep

It would be best if you chose the right beer chiller based on your customers’ needs. Some models can only hold cans, but dual-zone beverage coolers can hold both wine and cans of beer and cold drinks. Each kind of drink has its own space inside of these coolers. There are also wine refrigerators if you want to keep your wine collection in a temperature-controlled place.


How much space you have is also important when choosing a beer chiller. Small and medium-sized appliances can usually fit in tight spaces, like under tables or on countertops with little space. Larger units may need more space, but most of the ones on the market today can still be used in your spaces with no trouble. Larger models are usually between two and a half and three feet tall, but some exceptions exist.

Safety Locks

Most refrigerators with doors that lock can only be opened with a key. This is helpful if you want to keep minors from getting alcohol or keep expensive things from going missing in your stores. Before you buy a beer chiller, you should make sure it has safety locks if you want to limit who can use it.

You will get a lot of use out of the money you spend on a beer chiller for many years. These tips should help you as you look for a beverage cooler for your stores and restaurants. Check out the amazing collection of beverage coolers by Krome Dispense if you want the best ones.

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