How To Do Google Business Profile Video Verification

How To Do Google Business Profile Video Verification

The listing service formerly known as Google My Business is now known simply as Google Business Profile. It is provided by Google and assists businesses in establishing a presence on the search engine as well as in dictating the information that users see regarding the firm.

When you conduct a search on Google for a local SEO company in India, a card will appear on the side with information about the company, including its address, photos, location, website, a summary, as well as contact information.

What exactly is meant by "Video Verification"?

One of the many different approaches to profile verification that are available is the GMB video verification. When selecting this option, company owners will schedule a meeting to speak with such a Google My Business Executive through video chat at a time and date of their choosing.

During your scheduled visit, you will be required to use the camera on your phone to guide the Representative around your place of business. It is possible that they will want that you exhibit the exterior your business so that they can verify your address as well as business name. It's possible that you'll need to present some official documents that validate your corporation in addition to displaying some signage on the inside of your place of business.

How to Obtain Verification Through a Video?

Google My Business will take a number of things into consideration before deciding which verification alternatives it will present to you.

GMB will consider the sector in which your company operates, the prevalence of spam in that sector, the location of your firm, as well as whether you operate a suitable location or hybrid business.

GMB will provide you with a variety of verification choices depending on this information, despite the fact that the system has some flaws. Therefore, it is possible that you will only be able to verify your account through postcard, or you may have the option to choose between phone verification, email verification, and postcard verification.


Under this approach, Google will mail you a card to the address you provided, on which is printed a special code. The proprietors of the businesses need to input their correct address and then request the postcard.

After receiving the postcard, the proprietor is required to navigate to their Business Page, enter the five-digit verification code when requested, and then click the "Submit" button.

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Another typical option that companies use to validate their Google My Business listings is email. Our option is slightly different than the others on this list due to the fact that Google My Business would generate a domain name for you that they are willing to accept.

For instance, if your organization is known as "Williams Dentistry," Google My Business can display the domain name as "" If, on the other hand, that company's email address is "," then they won't be able to use the email verification feature.

In the event that Google was successful in guessing the correct web domain for your email, you will be able to assign it to a particular employee at your company. You will be able to receive the email at either "" or "," regardless of which address you choose to use to send the verification message.


Calling the business to confirm its existence is universally recognized as the method with the highest success rate and the least amount of effort required. When this choice becomes available, the mobile number that is associated with your profile will be displayed, and you will be able to instruct a robocall to be placed to that number.

You will first hear a brief message when you answer this call, and then you will be given a number code that you need to type in Google My Business. Make sure that you are in close proximity to a pc or a phone that has the GMB App installed on it in order to you can swiftly enter that code. It will no longer be valid in just a few short minutes!

But don't be concerned about it. In the event that your code becomes invalid, you are free to transmit an updated code at any time.


We have seen businesses in some instances be given the option to verify customer information by text message. The most common scenario in which this is a successful strategy is when the company phone number in question is also capable of receiving text messages.

You will still get a numeric number to enter in Google My Business if you choose to proceed with this way. This code will become invalid in a few minutes, much like the one you received on your phone, so ensure it to type it into GMB as soon as possible.

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