How To Drop a Pin in Google Maps

How To Drop a Pin in Google Maps

Whenever you are on a trip or driving to a new location, you need a map that will assist you in reaching your destination. Gone are the times when you used to carry physical copies of maps that were hard to understand and confusing. With the advancement in the digital sector, it is harder to get lost in navigation apps. 

Introduction to Google Maps

One of the best navigation apps is Google Maps. This tool comes with numerous features and is provided by Google. It is a widely known navigation application used by almost every individual who owns a mobile device. Google Maps is an excellent tool for navigating to different locations or places you want to go. You can easily reach all kinds of places with good internet connectivity and the correct address.

However, the google map is much more than just getting from one location to another. You also get information regarding the schedules of public transit. It may also tailor your trip based on your transport mode. You can also save different places and share them with others. In this article, you will learn how to drop a pin on google maps.

Functioning of Google Maps

Google Maps is a web application that instantly tracks your current location and notifies you how long it will take to reach your destination. It also suggests faster routes for your destination and areas with heavy traffic. Google maps are advanced and guide you to your destination. With the aid of this intelligent application, you can save the destinations you regularly visit.

This navigation app is unmatched, given its numerous features. These include its index system, listings, interactive panoramic street views, and 360 angles. This revolutionary tool for GPS navigation tool is one of the finest and can be utilized by android as well as iOS users.

What Do You Mean by Drop a Pin in Google Maps?

Pins are a popular feature of Google Maps that enables you to bookmark a location. Although Google Maps offers you the exact route to your destination, however, sometimes it fails to do so. This usually happens when a particular place has no address, or the added address needs to be corrected. This is where the feature of dropping a pin comes in handy.

Drop a pin is helpful as it allows you to save a particular address to the exact location. It also offers correct coordinates for a specific location. You may add these locations to your list, use them for the future, and share them with others.

How To Drop a Pin in Google Maps?

Google Maps is a must-have tool that makes getting to a new location easy. However, sometimes even Google Maps fails to recognize a particular area. This is possible if the address needs to be corrected or the site needs to be mapped. It can also be because the location you are looking for is off-road. This is where dropping a pin can be of assistance. Continue reading to learn how to drop a pin on your android, iOS, or desktop.

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Dropping A Pin on Google Maps with Your Android Device

Step 1. Launch the Google Maps application on your android phone. The steps below can be used to store a location or drop a pin on your Android device:

Step 2. Enter the address of your desired location in the search box or navigate manually till you find your destination on Google Maps.

Step 3. Zoom in on the location you want to drop your pin and then long-press on your screen.

Step 4. The address for that location will appear below.

Step 5. You can also navigate to that location with the directions option. You can also bookmark or save this location to a default folder or add a new folder. You can share this location as well.

Step 6. When you drop a pin, you also get the option to label that location. You can save it as an office, gym, home, university, etc.

You may also edit the label or use it for future reference. With this pin, you will also get the exact coordinates to your selected location.

By Utilising Your iOS Device, Add A Pin to Google Maps.

The procedure for dropping a pin for a location on your iOS device is the same as the android device. You may search or scroll to a site, long-press for the pin to appear, and later save, share, navigate or label that location.

Using Your Desktop, Drop A Pin on Google Maps.

For your desktop, the home page is similar to the interface for an app. To drop a pin there, follow the following steps:

Step 1. Go to the Google Maps home page on your browser.

Step 2. Find your desired location and then left-click on that point.

Step 3. You will see a grey pin with an information box below the screen.

Step 4. This box expands to the panel on the left of the screen. You can get more options and information regarding the location.


Google Maps is a great navigation app that ensures you reach your destination easily and quickly. Its drop-a-pin feature is an excellent option for navigating to locations where you do not have the address or if your address needs to be corrected. Moreover, you can label these pins for future use and share them with your friends. With the above-given steps, you can easily save a pin. You can also remove a plug you no longer need.

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