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What is SEO Friendly URL and How to create it using Permalink Generator or Slug Generator?

URL structure is one of the most important factors for an optimized website. URLs are basically your web address, which helps visitors to find you over the internet. SEO Friendly URLs will give your website a boost in rankings in SERP. When the craw bot of search engines starts crawling the website it notices the structure of the URL. If the structure of the URL is confusing. The crawler will not cache index the website and also it will hurt your rankings and SEO efforts.

In CMS websites like WordPress, you get the option to make changes in the URL structure according to your need. WordPress itself provides you SEO Friendly URLs, but if you have static websites based on HTML and blogger then you have to create an SEO Friendly URL manually. When you create a URL structure it takes a lot of time in this situation instead of creating yourself use a permalink generator tool.

Benefits of Permalink Generator.

In today's time, URL is the soul of a domain that boosts website rankings. Permalink generator basically saves your time and provides you the right format of URL for your website. To get a perfect URL it is recommended to use only your target keywords.