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Everyone talks about, and needs to master the art of project management, but few manage to master the one skill that is essential to success: supply chain management. A supply chain refers to the entire process of moving resources from point A to point B. It starts with the idea being developed and brought to life, often in a media designed and promoted by a company, then continues through the development of the product, its manufacturing and finally its distribution to end user. As it progresses through this long and complex process, mistakes can happen. A supply chain expert should therefore not only be able to avoid such mistakes but also be fully capable of spotting them and managing them as needed.

There are numerous facets of supply chain skills that need to be mastered. The most fundamental skills include planning, scheduling and control. These three aspects play an integral role in every phase of a supply chain, although there are other minor aspects that contribute to the smooth running of a chain. A skilled project manager should be capable of doing all of these. Here are some of the best supply chain skills to master:

Resume Writing and Cover Letters.

Even though a good resume is just a proposal, a well-written one can make all the difference between being ignored and being granted an interview. A badly written resume might not even make it to the hiring managers, let alone get them to read it. Therefore, good resume writing and cover letters are a must for any project manager looking for a job.

Talent Strategy.

Just like other great supply chain skills, talent strategy is another important facet of finding a job. Talented individuals are in high demand around the world. Finding one among the many supply chain leaders in your area could prove to be a challenge, but if you're willing to invest the effort, it pays off.

How to Use a Resume.

Perhaps one of the best supply chain skills to master is how to use a resume effectively. A well-written resume presents an accurate depiction of you as an individual and can help project managers narrow down their search to one or two candidates without having to read through dozens of applications. Resume tips offer useful pointers on how to craft a killer resume, including the proper format and information to include.

Soft Skills.

Just as crucial as using your resume correctly, is using the right words to highlight your talent and soft skills in a particular job. Many people overlook these types of skills, which is why they might not be found when a prospective employer performs a search. Here are a few popular resume tips that can help you showcase your talent and soft skills:

Reduce Costs.

In today's economy, businesses must take a holistic approach to finding cost-effective solutions. A poorly written resume can actually cost you money rather than save it, so it's important to consider what types of changes can be made to your resume to minimize costs while still showcasing your talents and soft skills. Here are a few resume tips to consider:

When hiring a supply chain management professional, be sure to thoroughly research any candidates to ensure they have the skills needed for the position. Then, put your focus on developing a comprehensive resume that highlights all of your key supply chain skills and experiences. You can use these same tips for developing your career as a supply chain expert, or even consider incorporating them into your existing business. With continued learning and job experience, you'll develop better skills and find that you can offer clients solutions that reduce costs and improve profitability.

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