Top Business Card Scanner Apps for 2022

Business Card Scanner Apps

Connecting in the correct circles is vital for the growth of any company (and in turn to those who work in the business). When you're visiting a potential client to discuss a project or going to an industry gathering to present your business idea, making connections is essential. There's nothing that establishes professional relationships more effectively than an easy exchanging of cards.

Despite the rise of social media and email however, business cards are still the fastest method of exchanging contact details. However the address book has become digital and not many people have enough patience (or time) for manually saving information about business cards to their phones.

Don't worry, because scanning apps for business cards are available to assist. With the help of OCR technology, the these scanner apps can automatically save the contact information and transfer to your phone.

There are numerous scanner applications available on iOS and Android that offer different capabilities. To help you pick the right one to meet your needs, we've collected the top scanners for business cards.

Top Business Card Scanner Apps of 2022

1. ABBYY Business Card Reader

As one of the leading companies of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, ABBYY offers a diverse collection of software that is based on language and services. Its business card scanner application is certainly the most effective available.

The highly acclaimed OCR technology ensures accurate recognition of any contact details including names, companies, phone numbers, as well as e-mail addresses.

The app is intelligent enough to be able to discern any edges on business cards, and then automatically cuts out any unwanted backgrounds. Any information that is not recognized will be highlighted with blue and is manually rectified. ABBYY Business Card Reader can automatically fill in any missing fields like extension codes and country codes, and can fix errors in information that are recognized.

ABBYY Business Card Reader has a robust synchronization framework and can extract contact information across all devices including phone, tablet, PCs etc. The backups can be set in a manual or automatic manner depending on the need and can also recognize contacts that are shared via email in the form of VCard and JPEG files.

2. QuickScan App

It's among the top productivity-oriented digital services and products. This scanner app for iOS and Android speeds up the process of digitizing business tasks.

A fully-featured document scanner app, QuickScan not only lets you scan business cards but also receipts, invoices, bills, whiteboards, documents and posters. It's extremely simple to use and can recognize the content with remarkable precision. There's no an advanced CRM integration or support for manual transcription as some other scanners for business cards however, QuickScan offers a wide range of functions for a no-cost application.

There are several options for capturing scans in the app itself, including one that is a Business Card or the ID card mode. When you select one, it will collect contact information from the scanned card, and then save it to your email address. All information about business cards stored by QuickScan document scanning app is safely stored in the cloud, and synchronized over multiple mobile devices which means you are able to access it from all devices.

3. ​Wantedly People

Not just the fact that this app is totally free, it's one of the very few apps I've tested with the ability to scan multiple cards. It's not just a couple of cards simultaneously, but up to 10 cards, which is around six or five more than the other apps could handle.

It took some time to experiment in the layout of cards and layout, but I was capable of getting 10 cards scan at once following about 12 attempts. The ideal layout is two columns vertically of five, with one inch of space between each row and card. To begin scanning simply open the app and swipe the screen downwards and press the icon on the bottom. The camera will open and the app begins scanning for cards. Within minutes, the blue-purple circles will be able to identify cards. When all cards have been circled, press the shutter button then Wantedly People will import all of the cards in one go. It will not, however, immediately save the business card to contact.

4. EverNote​

In the realm of digital note-taking, Evernote is a popular name that has multiple category of apps right from scanner to scheduling to note taking. For everything from Web clippings to images, Evernote lets you organize and store all sorts of digital data. It turns out that it's very adept in scanning business cards.

Evernote is just like every other scanner for business cards that is available. It makes use of the camera on your phone to scan the card and it saves the details into an Evernote account. After extracting saving details, contact information can be stored and shared with users.


1. How Does a Business Card Scanner Work?

Cards for business are a great method to connect, quickly and easily share your contact information and make a professional initial impression. Business cards will always be a part of your business even as we grow technologically advanced. The majority of us own Smartphone and digital wallets, and prefer to keep any new contact's details in our phones rather instead of our pockets or purses.

The business card scanner can be an application for your phone that will swiftly scan the business card to include the contact details of the person to the contact list of your phone. So basically phone’s camera is used to scan the business card, OCR technology is used to extract and save information and AI is used to automatically save only the contact within the smart phone.

2. How Much Does a Business Card Scanner App Cost?

The most basic version of a scanner for business cards application can be downloaded at no cost. Some apps have premium paid versions for $2 or $1.

3. Is Business Card Scanner App Worth the Cost?

For the majority of users using the free version, the app is sufficient. You can quickly and precisely record the details for your new contact. Businesses may choose to purchase the paid version so that they can save all their cards in one location and have access to each one individually as well as together.

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