5 Advantages of Personal Loan Online via Fullerton App

Personal Loan Online via Fullerton App

Digitization has made our lives easier. It has also revolutionized the finance sector, making borrowing simple and convenient. Thanks to secure loan apps like the Fullerton app, it has become quicker to obtain funds while facing a cash crunch. The app helps you get a personal loan on the go without having to step out of the house. The instant loan app is a secure, user-friendly application with a simple interface for your convenience. You can easily navigate through pages through the guided process. The app simplifies the loan application process where you can easily apply for the loan within minutes and track the status online. Even after the loan is sanctioned, you can keep paying the app and track your bills through it. The app is handy for all your loan-related work. The personal loan app also comes with more benefits. Let’s understand them.

5 Advantages of Personal Loan Online via Fullerton App

1. Simple Application Process

The application process is simple, unlike the traditional method where you need to reach the branch and submit photocopies of documents physically. With the Fullerton Insta loan app, the process is entirely paperless and eco-friendly and can be completed in just four clicks. The app has easy eligibility and lesser documentation as it is an unsecured loan, and hence there aren’t any collateral documents involved. Therefore, all you need to apply for a personal loan online are simple KYC documents and income proofs.

2. Accessibility

One of the main benefits of the Fullerton App is that it is accessible 24*7. With the mobile app installed in your handset, you do not have to worry whether the branch is open or closed. All you have to do is open the app and fill in the details without wasting your time. The process is complete within minutes and 100% digital. The funds are easily accessible to you as well, as they directly reach your bank account the very next day.

3. Quicker Loan Sanction and Disbursal

To apply for a Fullerton India personal loan, you have to open the application form, fill in the basic information, upload scanned copies, and complete the application process as guided. The app immediately notifies you of your eligibility, and a customer care representative will call you to guide you through the process while the documents are verified through digital processing. If all goes well, your loan will be approved within a day, and the funds will be transferred to your bank account within 24* hours.

4. Instant Loan

The instant loan app offers loans at the lowest interest rates and a huge lump sum of INR 25* lakhs for eligible individuals. With personal loans, you do not have to mention the reason for taking the loan to the lender. The funds do not have any restrictions on end usage if used for legal purposes. Hence you can use the loan for funding your business, wedding, emergency cash crunch, urgent vehicle repairs, and more.

5. Borrower Friendly

With the Fullerton app, you get to access the app only deals available to you. Additionally, since personal loans can be repaid in between one to 5 years, installing the app can help you keep track of your loan dues and payments digitally without having to hunt for the loan-related receipts from your locker. The availability of free online tools also makes the app the best-preferred way of applying for a personal loan.

You can use the personal loan EMI calculator to calculate the monthly EMI affordability and suitable tenure. The personal loan eligibility calculator to calculate the maximum loan amount offered in the app will help you make informed decisions. Knowing the factors on your affordability and loan eligibility before applying for the loan will help your loan process more seamless.

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If you are already an existing customer with Fullerton India, you may be notified of special discounts and offers on the processing period and interest rates. We also provide you with pre-approved loans based on your eligibility and credit history.

Apart from the above, you can easily access the Fullerton app’s customer service and clarify all your personal loans and other loan-related queries.

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